May 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

May Old Mill HOA Executive Meeting

May 17, 2022, 6:30pm

Present: Alberta Gauthier, Derrick Guillory, Scott Padgett, Allison Mitchell, Heather Lukse, Donna Sanders

Absent: Chris Chalmers and Rob Ray

The meeting was called to order at 6:45pm by Scott Padgett

(Scott to ensure that the followup actions are reviewed for next meeting).

Approval of the minutes
Scott Padgett presented the minutes from the April meeting.

Scott Padgett moved to approve the minutes as read.
The motion was seconded by Derrick Guilllory
The motion to approve the minutes passed with no objections. 

Financial Report

Balances were reviewed. Donna is not getting invoices from Mowmasters and is waiting on invoices from the pool lady. Derrick said pool lady invoices toward the end of a cycle. 

Donna got a new invoice for liability insurance, an additional ~$1800. 

Derrick said we need to send pictures of the painted curb and shepherd’s hook for the pool to the insurance company. 

Scott Padgett moved to accept the financial report as read.
Heather Lukse seconded the motion

With no objections the financial report was approved.

President’s Report
Derrick Guillory  Asked if certain clubhouse violations should lead to forfeiture of deposits. Board vote was yes via $25/violation. 

Scott will send minutes to board members after the meeting to be reviewed and approved. 

Locks on the camera cabinet will be installed by May 31. 

Homeowners that have not paid dues and/or have active violations (i.e. architectural violations) will have their pool key deactivated and will be unable to rent the clubhouse.

Derrick will take over ACC responsibilities while Chris is unavailable

Architectural papers need to be filed for records

Scott will solicit quotes for tree people to come remove the dead tree in the pond. 

Scott Padgett motioned to accept the report

Allison Seconded

Club House Update
Heather Lukse updated that the calendar is up to date. 

The board voted to have the sweeping of the front porch done for $25 per month. Discussion about how often cleaning should be done in the clubhouse and bathrooms (like those seen in Bathroom Installers in London) And for common areas with the pool, like bathrooms, cleaning is currently being done twice a week for $40.

Welcome Committee
Alberta Gauthier mentioned that she is not aware of any new residents since the last meeting.

Social Report
Allison wants to do a movie night toward the end of June tentatively. 

Pool and Maintenance Updates
No updates.

Other updates/discussion
Discussion about changing the age of when minors can go to the pool unattended.

In addition, if you’re interested in warehouse lighting, high bay lighting is among the most popular kinds of lighting utilized in warehouses. To find out more, keep reading. 


Scott Padgett Motioned to adjourn the meeting.

Derrick Guillory Seconded. Meeting adjourned. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:27

Scott Padgett