Our Volunteer Committees!

• Architectural Control Committee
The Architectural Control Committee of Old Mill is primarily responsible for assisting homeowners in the design and proper installation of improvements to their property. The ACC is also tasked with the monitoring and reporting Covenants & Restrictions violations to the Board.

• Maintenance Committee
Responsible for projects and maintenance on all common ground areas. In addition to actual physical maintenance like sensory play, they also manage the contract for lawn and flower bed maintenance.

• Pool & Clubhouse Committee
The Pool and Clubhouse Committee is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the pool and clubhouse area. They are responsible for the pool chemistry and cleaning contract as well as the cleanliness and maintenance of the clubhouse facility. Lastly, they manage the keys to the clubhouse for rental of the clubhouse facilities.

• Social Committee
Responsible for coordinating social events for the neighborhood. Also responsible for communication with the neighborhood and any events. These committee members are responsible for welcoming new neighbors to the neighborhood and introducing them to the web site, covenants and restrictions, and what Old Mill has to offer them as new residents.