April 2022 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

April Old Mill HOA Executive Meeting

April 12, 2022, 6:30pm

Present: Alberta Gauthier, Derrick Guillory, Scott Padgett, Allison Mitchell, Chris Chalmers, Rob Ray, Heather Lukse

The meeting was called to order at 6:38pm by Scott Padgett

(Scott to ensure that the followup actions are reviewed for the next meeting).

Approval of the minutes
Scott Padgett presented the minutes from the March meeting.

Derrick Guillory moved to approve the minutes as read.
The motion was seconded by Scott Padgett
The motion to approve the minutes passed with no objections.

Financial Report
Balances in checking and savings accounts. NOTE: Balances are not recorded in the minutes since minutes are posted publicly.

15 homeowners have not paid as of April 10. One is a new resident 

Discussion about when to assess the $50 late fee. Final solution was that between April 2 and 6 of that year, Board Members will make an in person attempt to collect without $50 fee, and after that, that $50 fee will be assessed, unless a prior agreement has been made with the Board. This will take effect for the year 2023.

Discussion about how/if to collect late fee for 2022 payments after April 1. Final resolution was that those payments received before or on April 6 will have an email communication sent that the board is waiving the late fee for this year only as a courtesy. There is one person who had their late fee paid for 2022, and this will be credited to the 2023 Dues.

Rob mentioned that we could put up a sign around the neighborhood that Dues are due as an idea for 2023.

Discussion about when to notice the meeting. We will plan to notice in late August/Early September, with meeting(s) in mid-September to early October. Board will begin to at least bring awareness to the neighborhood that it is intended for the dues to increase to $500.

Scott Padgett moved to the accept the financial report as read.
Allison Mitchell seconded the motion

With no objections the financial report was approved.

President’s Report
Derrick Guillory  Reported he captured violations for boats, trailers window units. He has violation forms printed to hand to residents who are in violation. Derrick Guillory and Chris Chalmers will go hand them out.

Scott Padgett recorded the addresses and will create a violation tracking form in the neighborhood Google Docs

Derrick brought up that a resident had mentioned about getting a handicap chair for the pool. This is an idea to consider for later depending on cost, quality, etc.

Derrick brought up to repurpose the flowerbeds behind the pool for different plants for aesthetic reasons. Alberta Gautier brought up getting plants for the front of the clubhouse. Derrick, Alberta, and Heather will come up with a plan and present to the board.

Derrick brought up that we need to pressure wash and paint the curb in front of the clubhouse.

Derrick brought up that the pool lady found smoke in the pool room. The wire nuts from the new pumps were too small, and this was redone by Mr. Rick Munch.

Scott brought up that we might want to get some kind of smoke detection for the clubhouse.

Derrick Brought up that we need to get a fire extinguisher and first aid kit for the outside pool area and where we intend on putting a bbq pit.

Scott Padgett motioned to accept the report

Derrick Guillory Seconded

Club House Update
Heather Lukse updated that the calendar is up to date.

Derrick brought up that it was noted the caulking around the baseboards in the ladies room is coming apart.

Allison brought up that we need to repaint the doors/windows/etc where the brown-ish paint is peeling with the supported sites like https://commercial-spray-painting.co.uk/near-me/greater-manchester/. Also, the lock needs to be replaced. Also, the TV was still on when Allison came in for the easter egg hunt. “Turn off the TV” needs to be added to the rental checklist.

Welcome Committee
Alberta Gauthier mentioned that she is not aware of any new residents since last meeting.

Social Report
Allison brought up that the Easter Egg hunt was a huge success. Allison thinks we should have a pool opening celebration.

Rob brought up a “painting with a twist” type thing as a social idea. Allison thinks that it could be expensive if we brought someone in to do it, but could be done for cheaper if it was neighbor led. He also brought up the idea of an art gallery for kids.

Derrick brought up the idea of a jambalaya cookoff as a neighborhood social event. Also, getting a food truck night at some frequency.

Alberta brought up the idea of an “old mill food fest”

Pool and Maintenance Updates
Derrick Guillory mentioned that the sand issue is actually a pollen issue. The pollen hits the surface and settles to the bottom and it looks like sand. That’s also why the pool looks cloudy because the pollen gets stirred up.

Other updates/discussion
Scott Padgett discussed that the HOA needs to address the dead tree in the pond with the homeowners. Derrick proposes cut it at the trunk and let it fall in the pond, and we can retrieve it from there. Rob added that the HOA could rent a big dumpster, and we could put the tree in there, and then advertise to the rest of the neighborhood that they can put their bulk trash in the dumpster.

Scott will take the action to communicate with the homeowner and start the conversation.

Scott mentioned about having more than just the annual meeting, but it was decided just to let residents know that they can come to the first 30 minutes of the board meeting.

Derrick brought up the question about aluminum patio covers and if the ACC should accept them. Derrick thinks the ACC should and that some requests are coming.

Allison brought up that we could do a neighborhood garage sale type fundraiser.

Alberta brought up that the garden of the month sign is getting old and ragged. She would like to have a sign redone, remade, or purchased.


Scott Padgett Motioned to adjourn the meeting.

Chris Chalmers Seconded. Meeting adjourned.

The meeting adjourned at 8:27

Scott Padgett