November 2021 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

November Old Mill HOA Executive Meeting

November 9, 2021, 7:00pm

Present: Rob Ray, Damian Manning, Kristin Stair, Elizabeth Waguespack, Donna McCaffery,  Alberta Gauthier

Absent: None

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Rob Ray, Old Mill HOA President.

The meeting began with comments from concerned residents regarding several issues within the subdivision.

Comments from Residents

One resident commented on the quality of the clubhouse cleaning. It was discussed that the state of the cleaning of the clubhouse was not up to the standard that residents should expect.

A new person has been hired to clean the clubhouse, she will continue to clean the clubhouse, but the overall state of the clubhouse needs to be addressed.

Other residents mentioned that when they had rented before, they had issues finding the cleaning supplies. It was agreed that the directions for clubhouse checkout may need to be revisited to make this clearer.

Kristin will begin working with the new cleaning person to help get the list clarified and ensure the correct chemicals are being used. As well as a possible cleaning checklist and what needs to be done monthly or yearly, to help maintain the clubhouse.

A resident asked if there could be an option for people to pay additional money to pay for cleaning instead of doing it themselves.

It was also brought up that the outside of the clubhouse needed to be pressure washed. Rob Ray confirmed that there is someone lined up to clean it, they are waiting for the pressure washer to get checked back in. It was asked by a resident if the pressure washer was currently being checked out and if it was late, was the late fee being applied to that homeowner. Rob said he would look into the issue.

One resident asked what the board paid for the new Air Conditioner System. It was confirmed that $14,440 was spent on the new system. The resident followed up to ask if additional quotes were obtained for the unit.  The board confirmed that they did not get additional quotes. They went with the quote that was given through the company that the maintenance contract was with  after having the quote verified with a homeowner who has family in the A/C business that confirmed it was a good price for the unit.

It was discussed that more quotes should be collected in the future. The board agreed that more quotes should be taken and that this was an oversite on their part with the other quotes for fencing, roofing and tree damage from the hurricane.

It was discussed that the cameras in the HOA common spaces are a violation of privacy. It was asked that the people who are looking at the cameras have background checks. The board confirmed that only one person has access to the cameras and that they notify the board when they check them.

It was brought up that the monitor in the hallway is an issue as is allows others to take pictures of individuals who are using the pool and the common areas. Kristin Stair encouraged homeowners to bring this up at the annual meeting so more residents could weight the pro’s and con’s of the security system.

Kristin was also asked to clarify how long the tapes hold video from events.

Another resident brought up that a past board member had access to email addresses after they were no longer on the board. The resident in question verified that they had not used the board list of email addresses, instead they had used an old email where the homeowners emails were not BCC’d.


It was suggested by a resident that the forms are outdated and clunky to use. A homeowner offered to volunteer to update the forms.

One resident reported holes in the driveway of another homeowner. The address was taken down by Damian Manning of the Architectural Committee and he will be followed up on the complaint.

It was reported by a homeowner that the fence beside the playground is still down from the hurricane and that it presents a hazard to children playing on the playground.  It was confirmed that the fence in question belongs to the sewer company and not the HOA. They have been notified that it is down. The board encouraged the resident to contact the sewer company as well to complain. The board will also reach out to ascension waste mgmt and remind them that the fences need to be removed, especially with nails being down around a playground area.

Insurance and Fencing Damage

A homeowner asked for an update reguarding the insurance claims and the fencing damage from the hurricane. Elizabeth Waguespack reported that the adjustor had changed several times and that she had just gotten confirmation that we had a limit of $45,000 for damages. A residents said that amount was not correct and that the limit had been increased to $120,000 several months before. Elizabeth will follow-up on that information with the new adjuster.

After public comments, the residents left so the board could conclude business.

Approval of the minutes

Kristin Stair provided copies of the minutes for both September and October to the board for approval.

Rob moved to approve the minutes of both the September and October minutes
he motion was seconded by Damian
The motion was approved

Financial Report:

Donna McCaffery presented the financial report.
The board currently has 8,521.38 in checking and 84,384.39 in savings.

Under contingencies, Hurricane IDA expenses for Mowmasters as well as the pool company have been added. The board will need to make sure that those items are included in the insurance adjustment.

The cost of the pressure washer was discussed and it was asked how the rental had been compelted in the past, Kristin Stair will look at the clubhouse email and see if she can find the wording of the form that has been used in the past.

Donna also requested that the hours of individuals who help with work days for dues be submitted throughout the year instead of just at the end of the year. Whoever runs the workdays, should be sure to include sign-in sheets with name, address, sign-in and sign-out times.

Kristin Stair moved to approved the financial report as read
The motion was seconded by Elizabeth
The motion was approved


Hurricane and Maintenance Updates
Elizabeth Waguespack shared that she has been in touch with the insurance adjuster.  Elizabeth is following up with the insurance company regarding the limit to see why only the 45,000 limit was presented to her.

Nicole Vines has been cleaning the clubhouse, she is doing a really great job on it and has agreed to take over the job on a permanent basis. The board will need to decide how often we need to use her, especially during the off season for rentals.

Kristin was contacted by MowMasters about which flowers they should put out. Alberta will reach out to Jay about annual flowers. She also mentioned that common property plants need to be taken care of since they continue to not grow well in some areas.

President report

The computer is not working for the gate programs. Rob Ray is trying to figure out how to download the program to his own computer and try to make the program work. Kristin Stair offered to take the computer home to see if Sean can make sure there isn’t any information on it or if it is salvageable.

A call for board members went out last month, after discussion, it was decided that an invitation will be sent to two individuals to serve on the board, and to reach out to the other individuals to see if they would be willing to serve on the Architectural Committee.


Pool Update
Damian Manning got a quote from Pro-pool for the cost for the sand filters for the pool. Emptying of the filter and haul-away plus refill and inspection will be $2,850

It was asked if the sand could be dumped here on site to save some money. Damian will check with them to see if that might be an option.

The pool company notified Damian that the cost of chemicals have gone up. The rates have increased and may almost double with new bids going out. They will be sending out new bids soon. Depending on the increase, the board agreed that they may need to find a new company.

Covering the pool will need to be done soon as well as repair of the benches and other adjustments.

Rob Ray and Damian will discuss a time to set a work day.

Welcome Committee:
Alberta Gauthier would like to start back with Yard of the Month. Elizabeth would be interested in helping with that as well.

A new sign for YOTM will need to be replaced soon.


Architectural update
It was brought up that a specific home has an RV that has been parked in the driveway on a regular basis.

There were a few other concerns that were discussed as well regarding yard upkeep.

It was asked if portable A/C units are ok for homes to have? If was confirmed that if they can be seen from the road, they are not allowed.

Damian has been working on several request for fencing, fence ownership, and concrete slabs as homeowners are still getting repairs done from the Hurricane.


The meeting adjourned at 9:03pm

Kristin Stair