October 2021 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

October Old Mill HOA Executive Meeting

October 12, 2021, 7:00pm

Present: Damian Manning, Kristin Stair, Elizabeth Waguespack, Donna McCaffery

Absent: Alberta Gauthier

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm by Rob Ray, Old Mill HOA President.

Financial Report:
Donna McCaffery has received some delinquent dues from homeowners who were missing payments. There are still have two missing payments. It was decided that the attorney would be contacted at the end of the month regarding the delinquent payments.

Pool clean-up payment as well as the tree clean-up has been moved to non-budgeted items to help ensure clarity in the budget.

A second payment has also been made to the pool so that cost can be submitted to the insurance claim.

Remotes for the gates came in yesterday. She is not sure what needs to happen from there. She has a waiting list on the remotes for requests.

Rob will take a look at them and try to figure it out. Donna will forward the email with the waitlist to Rob to see if he can program them. The cost is currently $50

Hurricane and Maintenance Updates
Elizabeth Waguespack shared that she has been in touch with the insurance adjuster.

Fencing deductible is $2,500. She will talk with the adjuster and get answers about the process so we can go ahead and choose a fence company.

It was discussed that the board needs to agree on a company so that the process can begin as soon as the insurance is approved and finalized.

It was also discussed that the roof of the club house does not have an estimate and that we will possibly need to look at getting that estimate completed and applied to the insurance. Rob will call the A/C company to see if power surges during the hurricane may have been part of the issue with the system going down. If so, it might be possible to add that to the insurance claim.



The Club House AC unit is down so it was discussed what needs to be done with it and how we want to move forward. It was discussed if the outside should be replaced or both the inside and outside units.

After discussion, it was decided to go ahead and replace both the inside and the outside unit.

Donna will go ahead and transfer the money to the checking account and Kristin will be receiving the checkbook and will be able to write the checks for the A/C company as needed.

Rob Ray will reach out to the A/C Company and have them schedule a time to replace the unit.

It was discussed that the person who currently cleans the club house will no longer be able to do it. There were some suggestions from the board about who we can contact to replace them.

Social Committee Report
Elizabeth asked about how the chili-cook off has been held in the past. The cook-off was discussed and some potential dates and formats were reviewed.

Garage sale signs have been ordered and will be put up this weekend.

Pool Update
Damian Manning reported that technically the pool is ready and the chemicals are good. It can technically be opened, however it is very cloudy. The filters will need to be replaced and the polo company has been requesting that we look at replacing them. The pool water will not clear up if it is being used regularly without replacing the filter.

Rob Ray moved to close the pool for the season
The motion was seconded by Elizabeth
With no objections, the motion passed

Donna asked is Damian could get an estimate for the new filters so they can be included in next year’s budget. Damian will check with them and get that.


Architectural update
Damian is working primarily on fence requests and fence ownership issues.

Changes in positions
Kristin will remain as Secretary but asked to be moved to Clubhouse. If someone comes on who is interested in Secretary, she will be willing to switch positions.

We will need to advertise for pool, maintenance committee as well as help for the architectural committee.

Rob will send an update email and Facebook post to the subdivision to share updates about the pool, fencing and the need for new officers.

President Report
One of the residents had a tree come down and the neighbor asked if anything could be done about the tree being down.

It was discussed that the limbs and most of the fencing has already been picked up. It was asked if the parish number could be contacted.

Kristin Stair will contact the Parish to see if there will be additional pick-ups.

Rob Ray has had a few homeowner concerns that had been addressed to him. It was discussed that many of these concerns are not HOA related and the individual should be directed to the police if they have concerns about speeding, individuals on their property, etc.


Meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm



Kristin Stair