March 2021 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

March Old Mill HOA Executive Meeting

March 9, 2021, 7:00pm

Present: Stephanie Brown, Rick Munch, Richard Thompson, Kristin Stair, Rob Ray, Damian Manning, Alberta Gauthier

Absent: None
HOA Board member Allison Mitchell has resigned, therefore was not present at the meeting. The position will be held vacant until the next meeting.

Call to order
The meeting was called to order at 7:06pm by Vice-President Rich Munch

Approval of February Minutes/Old Business
Kristin Stair reviewed the minutes of the February board meeting.

Updates and items from the February meeting:
At the last meeting, a representative was present to discuss the HOA insurance policy and discuss the need for coverage.

Several fences are in poor shape in the subdivision. Because of this, we need to upgrade the quote to include all of the fencing. There was discussion about adding privacy fencing by the pool and the pond to assist with security as well as provide more privacy for the residents. Rob Ray discussed adding a possible special assessment to complete the fence along the south side of the subdivision. He suggested taking a $50 assessment. It was discussed what vote would be needed for a special assessment. After a review of the bylaws, any special assessment would require a 2/3 vote of the homeowners.

After discussion, Stephanie Brown moved to expand the current insurance policy to cover all of the existing fencing. This can be expanded again if addition fencing gets installed.
Rick Munch seconded the motion
With no further discussion, the motion passed.

The large rock that had been knocked into the road has been returned to the garden beds.

The pool contractor has started on the expansion joints for the pool

Additional discussion came up regarding the gates and if it was necessary to re-code the gate due to gate devices being independently sold by a homeowner. It was agreed that we would wait and see if the gates become a problem to determine if it is necessary to reprogram.

Kristin Stair moved to approve the minutes as presented
Stephanie Brown seconded the motion.
With no further discussion, the minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Richard Thompson reviewed the Treasurer’s report that was send to the board via email.

Richard reminded the board to turn in their work credits.

The HOA currently has $3,414.14 in checking and $64,539.93 in savings.  One of the homes with outstanding dues has been paid. Two more are still outstanding and liens have been placed on the properties.

Richard also presented the proposed budget for 21-22 and items were reviewed regarding the budget.

$3,000 is currently being held on the budget to assist pond-lot owners in providing backfill for those residents who installed bulkheads. It was discussed that this is an item that we would prefer not to hold if it will not be being used. Therefore, after discussion, it was determined that the board will notify the pond lot owners that the $3,000 for backfill will be available for three more years. After that time, it will be returned to the general HOA account. Certified mail will be sent to these homeowners indicating that this funding will be available through 2024.

Rob Ray moved to send a certified notice to each of the four properties that have not started the bulkheads which will state that the HOA will agree to pay for the backfill and sod until April 2024, at which time, the money will be released back into the HOA budget.
Stephanie Brown moved to second the motion.
With no further discussion, the motion passed

With the many residents in the neighborhood who have had roof damage, it was asked if the roof on the club house has been inspected. Since it has not been, Rob will call Premier Roofing for an inspection.

For all of the HOA meeting materials that were sent to homeowners, $234 was used for printing.

Stephanie moved to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented.
Rob Ray seconded the motion.
With no objections, the motion passed

Vice-President’s Report
Rick Munch had MowMasters replace the rock that was dragged into the road.

Freeze damage occurred to some of the irrigation systems at the entrance on Hwy 73. Several valves in the system were replaced at a cost of approximately $100. There will be insulated wooden boxes being built for future freezes. It was discussed that near the clubhouse an insulated bag will be needed. It was suggested that Rick go ahead and purchase the insulated bag that the clubhouse will need now so that we will have it in the future.

Rob Ray suggested that we look at possibly building a storage shed for HOA materials. It was discussed that we may be able to rearrange some space to house all of the materials that the HOA owns and that looking at adding on to the clubhouse could be an item for future years when the savings is built back up.

There are a few fences that are falling down or are in disrepair on the edges of the property. There needs to be a group to assess the fences and then another work group that will install the new posts.

Rob asked if Rick would be willing to assess the property and let the board know what is needed so that a workday can be scheduled.

Kristin Stair asked if it might be possible for a fence company to provide a discount for the subdivision for interior fences that are the responsibility of the homeowners. This will be something that will be explored as companies are contacted for fence work in the future.

Rick also discussed the irrigation system. He turned off the sprinklers and that significantly decreased the water bills. So, he will look at just turning on specific zones with annuals but leave the rest off.

Architectural Committee Report
Very few requests and/or violations have come through.  One property was suggested for Damian to check into. He will follow-up on the request.

Welcome committee report
Alberta had two new residents move in this month. There will be several more coming in the next month.

Social Committee Report
No updates

Pool committee
Seams are being finished on the pool. There are some areas of the cover that needs to be repaired. Rick and Kenny will be taking care of the repairs.



Other business
Stephanie speaks regularly with an Old Dutchtown HOA representative regarding polices, construction, etc. Because Old Dutchtown is identical in many ways to our subdivision, it was discussed during one of these correspondences that it might be beneficial for both of the boards to meet together to discuss similar concerns and problems.

Old Dutchtown raised dues to $435/year in 2013. Last year they were able to raise them another $100 per house. They do not offer workdays for homeowners. Their management company handles violations for homeowners. The fees are much higher than ours. However, they have a management company that takes care of violations. These are some of the ideas that we could exchange between the subdivisions.

We have a few very active volunteers who do a tremendous amount of work within the subdivision that allows us to keep our costs lower than other subdivisions. However, without others who can assist, the HOA will eventually have to look at spending more on repairs and maintenance then we have in the past. Rob Ray make a post on Facebook that just reminds HOA members more help is necessary within the subdivision.

There will be a need for a new social chair. Stephanie will send a Facebook post to the group reminding residents about the annual meeting and to consider volunteering.

Annual Meeting
Rob Ray will have ballots ready the evening of the meeting so that voting for officers can happen at the annual meeting.



With no further business, the meeting ended at 8:51pm.