March 19th, 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Annual HOA Meeting

Tuesday March 19th, 2019

Meeting started at 7:30 PM


Stephanie Brown streamed the meeting live on our Old Mill Facebook page.


All board members present.

Rob Ray, Rick Munch, Tracy Mathis-DiBenedetto, Cory DiBenedetto, Richard Thompson, Doug Pourciau, Kenny Brown, Jessica Benson


Rob called the meeting to order. Introduced all the board members and Stephanie. He explained Stephanie is who takes care of our Facebook, entrance notification boards, stays on top of our communications.


Rob listed a few of the things the board was able to do this year.

-Bulk Head is finished

-Two card readers at the pool

-Multiple Social Events

-Flood Light at park

-New play ground equipment

-Shelves installed for more storage at clubhouse.

The purchase of –

-Projection screen and projector

– Speaker with microphone

-Popcorn Machine

-TV in Clubhouse and that you can hook a DVD player up to it and show slideshows on it.


-Explained we are currently looking at getting WiFi at the Clubhouse-


-The hole in the parking lot was fixed.

-New benches were installed at the playground, back were added to the current benches.

-Benches were installed by the pond.

-New landscaping at the entrances , spear headed by Pat Thompson and Alberta Gauthier

RCI is the landscaping company and installed new dirt, plants, mulch, and sod. They also reshaped the flower beds. Any plants they removed that could be recycled were replanted by the Clubhouse. RCI will maintain the entrances for at least the first year. That way their warranty for the plants stays intact. RCI does landscaping for LSU, Country Club, and Santa Marie

-New Pool Cover  pool has been without a cover for two years. Having a cover reduces pool maintenance and cost. The new cover is in three pieces. It will be easier to put on the take off.

Rick mentioned

-LED lights were installed all around pool and in clubhouse. This also reduces cost.

Lights around pool are there for security. They act as a deterrent.

-Bought Sprayer so we do not have to depend on the parish to spray the drainage ditches anymore.


-Resident offered to repaint the Old Mill entrance signs.


-Alberta Gauthier makes our beautiful wreaths. She makes them new for each season. They can not be reused due to being out in the elements.


The board was as transparent as possible. We opened our board meeting to all residents. Residents can not vote at meetings. They are welcome to give their opinion. The 1st half of the meeting were reserved for residents to ask questions and give their thoughts. All meeting minutes were posted on Old Mills webpage.

The board communicated greatly through Facebook.

A poll was taken to get a feel for residents thoughts on painted brick.

The board took the poll into consideration then voted and approved home owners to paint the brick on their homes. Colors MUST BE APPROVED by the architecture committee before painting.

Tracy – Request for residents to keep their mailboxes looking good. Power wash your home and drive

Cory – You can have your roof washed for an average of $700.00

Tracy and Cory both expressed we need to keep our neighborhood looking new. So our home values and the “comps” stay up and we can compete with the new subdivision being built around us.


Rick listed some ideas/projects we have for the future

-Weir on the bulkhead repair

– Light at 74 entrance to be fixed

-Pressure wash club house

-Highway 74 entrance fence repair

-Playground boarder and gravel

-Install teeter totter (see saw)

-Picnic Tables by park and pond

-Bridge replacement

-Air Station for inflatable’s at pool

-Gate for pool to pond installed

-BBQ pits installed (charcoal)

-Path to Pond will be made safer. Leveling path due to erosion

-Restriping Parking lot

-Fence 6ft tall 190 ft wide installed by park as a privacy screen between the park and River Gate

-Retaining wall and sod fill contract has been signed

-Clubhouse landscaping

-Bathroom access from park.

-In pool lighting

-Trash cans installed by park


Resident asked if a work day had been scheduled.


Work day

Split into two days

May 4th  and May 5th


May 5th will be just for removal of the pool cover. It needs to be laid out to dry for a few hours, then packed up.


Any resident who works on scheduled work days will receive credit towards dues. A policy graciously put in place by a former HOA president.


Rob mentions any special talents residents can apply towards the neighborhood will receive credit towards dues.


Resident asked when it comes to neighborhood complaints (ex parking in street, not taking care of yard), how does the person complaining know the complaint was received and followed up on? What happens to the person who is complained about?


Rob – We can place a lien on their house if they do not comply after we speak to them.


Tracy – We advise they can put in a larger drive way.


Jessica – No parking signs will be placed throughout neighborhood. As well as a 3 way stop at the intersection of Old Mill and Grist Mill to help with fast drivers. The parish has given us a work order for both projects.


Rick – The webmaster is working on the tip section of our website. Some tips are not being forwarded.


Residents wants to know why he is not contacted directly to know his complaint had been followed up and what is being done.


Rick – The tips come as anonymous.


Rob suggested just go knock on your neighbors door. Be neighborly. This is one reason we have Social Events, so we know our neighbors.


Same resident said he looked today and the Old Mill HOA is not in good standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State.


Richard advised we have paid the $25.00 to the Secretary of State after receiving your complaint about this. Louisiana is very vague on what good standing with the Secretary of State and what its renewal policy is. They also do not send out notices. We have paid, it’s not our fault the website is not updated.


Rick advised we just add the $25.00 to the budget.


Richard went over our budget for this past year and this upcoming year.

– 100% of dues were collected.

– Record high of 38 paid clubhouse rentals

– Water was over budget due to having to drain and refill the pool for repairs

– $50,000 to $55,000 was spent that was not budgeted for. The backfill and sod for bulk head, pool cover, and parking lot repair.

Without that we are $10,000 under budget.


Saving from old landscaping has been applied to new landscaping budget.


Rick – Explained BACKFILL in the budget is incase another resident decides to put in a bulk head. The HOA pays for the back fill that replaces the lost Common Area.


Rob – explained the pond is a retention pond, all gutters in our neighborhood drain to that pond.


Doug- explained the HOA owns all common property. That is why we pay to replace the lost common property.


-It benefits the entire neighborhood for our pond to be kept up and our perimeter fence to be maintained.

– The perimeter fence is the first thing anyone sees. If the fence took bad, people will assume our neighborhood is not kept up.

-If the pond is not maintained people will not want to pay for houses on the pond.


Rob – Motioned for approval for new budget.


Resident -Can we discuss it? The website and communications budget?


Rob – The increase for that budget is for possible Clubhouse WiFi


Rob – Motion for budget approval

Rick – second


No one was against


New Annual Budget for 2019-2020 Approved


Rick – We have a new Yard of the Month sign. Free Clubhouse rental is a possible prize.


Rob – The board is made up of 8 individuals.  If you want to be a board member. Cory and Kenny are both stepping down. We have two spots available.


Rick explained we meet once a month.

Rob explained are meeting are at set time.


Rob nominated Stephanie Brown

Rick Second the nomination

Stephanie accepted

Tracy nominated Damian Manning.

Rob second the nomination

Damian accepted.


Welcome Stephanie and Damian to the board.


Rob Ray will Stay board President.

Richard will stay Finance

Stephanie is the new Secretary


All other positions will be figured out at the next meeting.


Meetings will be on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm