April 10, 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting

Wednesday April 10, 2019

7pm @ Clubhouse


In attendance: Rob Ray, Rick Munch, Richard Thompson, Tracy DiBendetto, Doug Pourciau, Jessica Benson, Damien Manning, Stephanie Brown

Taking notes: Stephanie Brown

Observing: Pat Thompson, Alberta Gauthier, Justin Benson



Start time: 7:20pm


Rob started meeting by addressing landscaping issues within the neighborhood. Gardening club addressed board with concerns of upkeep of some homes. Garden club will be keeping records of homeowners who have received notices regarding landscaping, etc. Rob suggest that maybe some homeowners need education of landscaping and maintenance. Rick reminds board that per covenants there is no specifics about how many plants, etc a yard should have. Rick also reminds board that garbage cans must be hidden from street view. Rob would like to maybe have a “Go Green” meeting for homeowners to educate the neighborhood of plants that are easy to grow, easy maintenance, colorful, etc. Rob also suggest at work day in May that we maybe offer to help those in need of mailbox restoration by painting it for them.


Rob will contact HOA attorney to send certified letter to homeowner on Old Millstone who parks cars in the street. He and the architectural committee have addressed homeowner numerous times without receiving any cooperation.


Rob motions to elect board positions. Board of Directors are: Rob Ray-President, Rick Munch-Vice President, Richard Thompson-Treasurer, Stephanie Brown-Secretary. Committee Chairmans are: Architectural Control-Damien Manning, Clubhouse/Pool Maintenance Stephanie Brown, Social/Welcome Tracy DiBendetto & Jessica Benson, Landscape/Maintenance Doug Pourciau. I motioned to approve new board positions, Rob seconded, all in favor, no objections. Stephanie will communicate with webmaster for website changes and email changes to reflect new board/positions.


Rick asked for approval for fence behind playground to block view of homes in Rivergate Subdivison. Price from Tiger Fencing is $17.38 a foot, approximately 155 feet of fence. Rob motioned to approve, Jessica seconded, all in favor, no objections.

Rick went over future project including exit/enter gate to pond area. Gate estimate is $1,050. Approximately $1,600 for enter/exit card reader, transformer, etc.


Rick went over drainage issues some homeowners are having in backyards. The parish has been notified and the parish will handle. The director of drainage will be doing a survey to determine if original drainage forms have changed (specifically regarding homes that back up to each other). The parish will handle anything that needs to be re-dug, moved, etc.


Rick went over work day projects. Work day set for Saturday May 4th.


Rick suggested that the HOA purchase a power washer for HOA use and homeowners. Approximately $300 cost. Rick suggested we rent to homeowners for $10 a day to recoup cost. Rob seconded motion, all in favor, no objections.


Jessica exited at approximately 8:30pm.

Tracy exited at approximately 9:10pm


Richard gave update on upaid homeowner dues and changes Stephanie is to make on master list.


Meeting ended 9:15pm