2024 Annual Meeting Minutes

630pm, meeting called to order. First agenda item was the budget. Many questions and comments about the budget. Summarized below:

Q: What were the contingencies for 2023/24?

A: Biggest ones were 73 gate, pool cleaning from swapping companies, pool pump failure, car driving through fence at 73

Q: What is being done about enforcing architectural violations fairly?

A: The Board is re-vamping how we notify neighbors of problems as well as violations to make this a more fair and more tolerable process. However, current covenants do not allow for the imposing of fines. The Board is looking into fixing this as well.

Q: Why is internet at the clubhouse necessary?

A: The primary purpose of the internet is to enable the future security system for the clubhouse. The security system is necessary due to repeated recent incidents of vandalism in the clubhouse bathrooms, and will enable better and easier control of entry.

Q: Can we get the sheriff’s office to patrol the neighborhood on some frequency?

A: Yes. Occasionally we can have them pass through the neighborhood, but if we wanted them to be in the neighborhood at designated times we would have to pay them. We can certainly do that as well, would just have to figure out when

Q: Can we hire an accountant to help out with bookkeeping?

A: Short answer yes.

Q: Have we issued appropriate notices and liens for those that did not pay dues in 2023?

A: This was not done for 2023, but will be done with all diligence going forward. Multiple factors contributed to this, including 4 board member transitions.

Q: What will the board be doing differently to make sure that appropriate dues tracking and followup takes place?

A: The Board is placing greater emphasis on this manually, and will develop a better system for tracking in the future. However, manual oversight is the only thing we have at the current time.

After these questions, the vote for the budget was held. Summing all proxy votes and in person votes from the meeting, the budget increase and allocation passed with 101 votes for yes, and 30 votes for no.

After the budget vote, a resident brought up a concern that the cypress tree on the N corner of the 73 entrance is causing cypress knees to come up on his property causing a substantial nuisance. Scott requested for the resident to send him a message either by email or Facebook so that a resolution could be made.

After this, a time for selection of members to the Board was held. No new nominations to the Board occurred, so by default the 5 existing members who chose to stay on the board were elected for the 24/25 year.

Rick Munch made a motion for a floor vote that the board set a specific time and day for every month to meet (i.e. every 2nd monday at xPM). The purpose was to allow neighbors to attend Board meetings proactively and bring up issues. Rick then called for a vote. During the objection period, Scott questioned the legality of having a sudden floor vote for this purpose, being that it was not on the agenda, and the only voting during the annual meeting that is specified in the covenants is voting for the budget and election of officers. The voting session was cancelled, but the commitment from the Board is that they would do a better job informing residents of when the Board meetings will occur so that they can attend.

After a final call for new business, questions and concerns, and nothing new brought forward, Scott motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Alberta Gauthier, and the meeting ended approximately 730pm