July 23, 2018 Bulkhead Meeting Minutes

July 23rd 2018

Start 7:28


Present – Rick Munch

Doug Pourcian

Kenny Brown

Richard Thompson

Jessica Benson


Subject of meeting

Bulkhead at 12299 Old Millstone Drive. Belonging to Keith Moses and built by Carlin Deveer.


Deveer helped put together the board approved Specifications. Specifications will be callef specs from here on in these notes.


Specs say

” A 1/2-inch machine bolt is to be used to connect the face pile, outside stringer, bulkhead, and inside stringer. This is typically 16 inches in length and hot dipped galvanized.”


KGB who is building the majority of the bulkheads is following these specs.


Deveer’s work crew used –

An 8 inch LAG bolt, instead of 16 inch Machine bolt.



KGB’s machine bolt shows facing the pond water. Following the board approved specs


Deveer’s LAG bolt does not show. Is how they do their other jobs.


Concerns –


Kenny Brown – Is there a difference in the structural integrity?


Richard Thompson – Does this effect the price?


Jessica Benson – Are we setting a precedent?

Is there an obvious diffrence?


Rick Munch and Doug Pourcian –

Agree ways are structurally sound.

It does not effect the cost.

Will not set a precedent for future issues with construction. As each architectural is a case by case basis.

It is not an obvious difference, unless you are close up to the bulkhead. The difference is facing the water, not the lot.

Requesting a one time job specific approval for the lag bolt used in the bulkhead at 12299 Old Millstone Drive.


Rick Munch – Advised he will meet with contractors before works starts in the future. Calling it a “Job Kickoff Meeting”.


Richard Thompson – motioned for a vote approving the one time job specific approval of the lag bolt used in the bulkhead in question.

Rick – 2nd the motion

All in favor  –

Rick Munch

Richard Thompson

Kenny Brown

Doug Pourcian

Jessica Benson


Abstain –

Tracy Mathis-DiBenedetto (by text before meeting stating she is not knowledgeable in the subject.)


Against – 0


Doug Pourcian gave Jessica Benson a copy of the sheet showing the specs and differences for the HOA file.


Doug Pourcian –

Reinstated the HOA is paying for restoring an existing fence if it is taken down due to the building of the bulkhead.

HOA is paying for a portion of the sod, and backfill to restore common property due to erosion.

Pondlot Owner agreement shows restoring common property due to pond erosion not to exceed cap of $2000.00. Only to be paid if bulkhead is being put in.

Doug Pourcian –  Motioned to vote on paying Carlin Deveer a total of $725.00 for work on the completed bulkhead in question.


Rick Munch – 2nd motion


Doug Pourcian gave acopy of the bill to Jessica Benson.

$500.00 – Backfill

$225.00 – SOD


$725.00 – Total


All in favor

Rick Munch

Doug Pourcian

Kenny Brown

Richard Thompson

Jessica Benson


Abstain – 0


Against – 0


Check of $725.00 will be paid directly to Carlin Deveer.


End of meeting 7:50 p.m.