December 2020 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

December Old Mill HOA Executive Meeting

December 9th 2020, 6:30pm

Present: Stephanie Brown, Rick Munch, Richard Thompson, Kristin Stair,
Alberta Gauthier, Rob Ray, Damian Manning

Absent: Allison Mitchell

The meeting was called to order at 6:31 by Rick Munch.

The meeting began with a special session with pond lot homeowners regarding the trees along the pond. After discussion, it was decided that both an arborist as well as an architect or someone familiar with the impact of land erosion should be brought out to evaluate the health of the trees and what impact the removal or retention of the trees might have on the properties.

Approval of November Minutes/Old Business
Kristin Stair reviewed the minutes of the November board meeting. Noting two typos that need to be resolved.

Stephanie Brown moved to accept the minutes.
Damian Manning seconded the motion
With no objections, the motion to accept the minutes was approved

Treasurer’s Report

Richard Thompson reviewed the Treasurer’s report that was send to the board via email.

The HOA currently has $93,867.38 in savings and $229.80 in checking.

It was suggested that the purchase of the boat and paddles be moved to pond maintenance in the financial report.

Three residents still have not paid annual dues. One homeowner is still being contacted, another resident is currently being discussed with the HOA attorney.  Small claims court was discussed as an option, however, after talking with an attorney and the cost of small claims court, may exceed the amount of money that we are looking at collecting.  After clarification and discussion, it was advised that a lien has been placed on the home and to notify the homeowners next of kin that the house now has a lien. The cost of the lien will be included with the cost of dues so that the HOA can recoup costs.

The fence insurance claim has been filed and the adjustor has been met with. The adjustors report has been filed and we are now waiting for underwriter approval which may take a few more weeks until the adjustors quote is approved.

Richard had received the order for the grout work but was notified by Rick Munch that a change order will be sent. A product has been selected for grout repair, but an additional product was recommended to add additional strength to the grout. The change request will bring the total closer to $1,000 for the materials.

Rob Ray moved to approve the additional costs for the new materials
Stephanie seconded the motion
With no objections, the motion was approved

Kristin Stair moved to approve the Treasurer’s report.
Rob seconded the motion.
With no objections, the motion passed

Architectural Committee Report
Damian Manning has four violations that he needs to mail out. Violations are decreasing as we move into winter.

Welcome committee report
Alberta Gauthier has put up new wreaths and lights on the entrances. The board thanked Alberta for her work.

Social Committee Report
Allison Mitchell sent her report to the board in advance of the meeting. The Reindeer run will need to be cancelled due to lack of participation. Rob Ray suggested possibly a movie night at the club house one night where families bring their own snacks and can be socially distanced outside.

Pool committee
Work on the pool begins tomorrow. Rick Munch suggested that after the grouting is done to cover the pool and then allow the rain to fill the pool.

It was asked if while the pool is drained, could an additional material be added to improve the condition of the pool. Rick mentioned that refinishing the pool might not be cheap, but it might be worth checking out.

Beautification Committee
Kristin Stair put the homeowner survey online through Qualtrics, it is now live for board review.

Christmas Tree Recycling Program.
Two parking spaces near the club house will be set-up for Christmas tree drop off January 1-15.  Kristin is working on arranging for someone from LSU AgCenter to come out on the 15th to help sink the trees.

Vice-President’s Report
The door to the club house has been unlocked while workers are present to allow the pool maintenance professions to use the restrooms as needed.

Rick Munch has begun working on the rotting wood on the club house for a cost of about $60. He is going to continue working on other areas that need to be repaired, though the other areas are smaller.

Pond fountains have been repaired and a strainer has been added to prevent fish from getting trapped in the filter.

A new pool net has been purchased for the pool.

Due to time, Kristin Stair moved to adjourn
The motion was seconded by Stephanie Brown

With no objections the motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:31pm.


Items for follow-up at next meeting:

  • Christmas Tree Recycling Program update
  • Process for Landscaping Violations
  • Old Mill Sign