Annual Meeting Notice

February 13, 2015
Subject: Old Mill Homeowner’s Association Annual Meeting
Tuesday March 17th, 2015 @ 6:30pm in the Old Mill Club House

To: Old Mill Homeowners
From: Old Mill Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors

All residents are encouraged to participate in this important meeting. The agenda will include:

• HOA budget review and vote on next year’s proposed budget
• 2015 annual dues collection details
• Details of process in place for residents to earn annual dues credit by volunteering
• Outline of Club House rental process and rules changes
• Recap of other important Old Mill news
• Election of officers for the Board of Directors for the upcoming year

Annual dues will remain at $350 again this year and the deadline for payment is April 1st. Please note your e-mail address and phone number when paying your dues. Cash is accepted if paid in person, otherwise payment must be made by check or money order. PayPal is no longer an option. For your convenience, volunteers will collect dues at the annual meeting and at the clubhouse during the following times:

• Saturday, March 14 from 9am -1pm (During the HOA Spring Work Day)
• Sunday, March 29 from 2pm – 5pm

Residents may also either deposit a check for their dues into the locked HOA mail/drop box located at the entrance to the club house parking lot or mail it to “Old Mill HOA” at 12292 Sugarmill Dr, Geismar, LA 70734. And again this year, dues received April 2 through April 30 will incur an additional $50 late fee. The late fee increases to $100 for dues paid May 1 through May 31. For dues not paid by May 31, lien proceedings will begin and all attorney fees and court costs will be paid by homeowner. For annual dues questions, refer to our website at www.OldMillHOA.com or e-mail Finance@OldMillHOA.com.

Please also note that our Spring Volunteer Work Day will be held on the Saturday before the Annual Meeting, March 14th from 9am to 1pm at the Club House. This will be the last opportunity for residents to earn credits towards their 2015 dues at the rate of $10 credit per hour worked. If you’re looking for some primary school playground markings, you might be seeing this help is needed to uncover the pool, clean the pool furniture, weatherseal the pergola, painting, minor plumbing, maintenance of the playground equipment and deep-cleaning of the club house. Additionally, we are seeking assistance in installing trim trails for schools. Along with the collaboration on the themed playground equipment. Additionally, assistance with the installation of playground numbers will be appreciated. Additionally, we welcome creative contributions for playground paint ideas. Also, there is a pressing need for the installation of much-awaited and aesthetically pleasing school canopies. There are some professionals that can utilize playground companies like Soft Play Manufacturers Swansea.  Volunteering is encouraged for adults and their children at least 16 years of age. Also, we are planning a delightful musical play for send. If you’re considering taking up this exciting sport, you can find valuable information on rules, techniques, and more at sites like https://padel-tennis-court.co.uk/what-is-padel-tennis/. For details or to sign up, e-mail Maintenance@OldMillHOA.com.

We look forward to your participation, input and volunteering.