July 2021 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday July 13th Board Meeting

Present: Stephanie, Rick, Rob, Damian, Elizabeth

Absent: Kristin, Donna, Alberta


Taking notes: Stephanie

Start Time: 7:05pm


Rick advised exit gate is fixed. Magnet installed for $250. Two gate companies quoted $650 and $450.

Rob asked Rick to look at fly traps for around pool.

Stephanie advised that 2 board members need to hand deliver letter to homeowner on Mill Gate who didn’t sign for certified regarding bulkheads.

Bob’s tree service will not return Kristin’s calls/emails. Stephanie got the name of arborist who serves Seven Oaks Subdivision. Stephanie emailed and waiting on response.

Rick advised that there is a pecan tree on Hwy 74 that is dead and needs to be removed.

Rob advised that we need to help resolve issue with homeowners on Mill House and Sugar Mill with ongoing fence issues.

Elizabeth said upcoming fishing tournament is on July 25th. Elizabeth gave ideas for upcoming events. September art event. October will be fall fest/chili cook off. November possible Turkey Trot. Rick suggested maybe having a campout.

Rob/Rick advised there was a meeting with other HOA’s at the clubhouse regarding problems around area. Rob advised he was misled and meeting ended up being a meeting about political recalls. No other meetings will be held with this group in our neighborhood.

Damian asked if homes on corners had to have fencing. Rick advised no homes in the neighborhood are required to have any fences. Rob discussed multiple issues with boats, trailers being parked in driveways, roads, etc. Rob will make post regarding the multiple complaints/issues.

Rick advised sign on Hwy 74 sign is repainted. He also replaced grates by clubhouse steps that were cracked. He also replaced plumbing cover that was cracked in grass outside of clubhouse. Elizabeth asked if we ever decided on stenciling grates about dumping.

Donna gave rick finance report to go over with board. Rick went over with board.

Rick mentioned getting outside antenna for TV. Advised he can purchase on amazon for cheap and it would have about 20 channels. Homeowners can use while renting clubhouse to watch football, games, etc. All agreed for Rick to purchased and install.

Meeting ended 8:40pm