January 15, 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

January 15th 2019

Start Time – 7:33pm

In Attendance –

Board Members – Rob Ray, Kenny Brown, Doug Pourciau, Rick Munch, Cory Dibenedetto, Tracy Mathis – DiBenedetto, Richard Thompson, Jessica Benson

Home Owners – Pat Thompson, Alberta Gauthier


Roll Over Work Hours

Rob motioned – certificate given for roll over hours towards HOA dues. Any work hours in excess for 40 hours can rolled over to the next year. The resident will be given a certificate verifying amount of roll over hours. It is the residents responsibly to keep up with the certificate and present it at the time dues are due the next year.

Kenny seconded motioned

All in favor

Cory, Tracy, Rick, Doug, Richard, Jessica

All Against




Pool Cover – no warranty offered.  Kenny will create write up noting the company and specifics for the HOA records.


Grass Cutting Bids –


Bids include – cutting grass around the pond, levy, park, clubhouse and along  73 roadway.


Mow Masters will speak with Rick. They produced a contract signed by former board president and Old Mill homeowner  Jody LeMoine on March 30,2018.


Cory spoke with a homeowner on OldMill for a grass cutting bid.


Pat will contact RCI for a bid for entire property.


Pat also noted she had contacted Tim Mitchell and recommended ornamental cabbage be place in the sparse areas of the entrances. To fill in the space, until the vegetation fills in. Tim greatfully obliged on his own time and did not charge us anything for the cabbage or installation.

Jessica Benson Chairperson of the Old Mill Southern Hospitality Committee will send a card.


Richard noted their needs to be clear communication and organization with the landscaping contractors.



Alberta explained the wreaths are dismantled and redone each time they are put up. Due to the elements damaging the ribbon and decorations on the wreaths.

Requested to know what the budget is for the wreaths.

Rob motioned a $1200.00 a year budget for the entrance wreaths.

Tracy second the motion

All in favor

Rick, Kenny, Cory, Doug, Richard, Jessica

Alberta and the garden club decorate for 4 seasons. 4th of July is normally not a wreath, but included in the $1200.00 budget. The board also agreed 4 more wreath frames may be purchased. That way the wreaths can be worked on, while the current season wreath is on display.


The board agreed to bring back Yard of the Month.

Kenny will make a new sign. As our last sign was stolen.

Jessica will try to find a picture of the old sign for reference.


Rick confirmed power for Christmas lights will be available at the entrances by next Christmas.



Ladder will be placed for sell.

Board agreed to buy 8ft commercial grade ladder from the McCartys for $80.00. It will be much easier to maneuver than the “goliath” ladder in the clubhouse now, which requires at least two people to move it.


Annual meeting is set for March 19th at 7:30pm


Next board meeting will be February 12th at 7:30pm


The position on Board Member/Pond Committee Chairman was always meant to be and will be permanent. Pond committee continues with maintenance of all pond related items, including fountains, weeds, pond drainage, levy, and weir.



Homeowner had made an agreement between themselves, their tenant, and the board. The tenant would pay $200.00 a month towards back dues.

Tenant was told by Homeowner to send the $200.00 to them and not the board.

Last payment received was in October from the tenant.


The board pulled $50,000 from savings this year.

Roughly –

$30,000.00 for Landscaping

$10,000.00 new pool cover

$20,000.00 on the bulkhead



Board agreed to look into getting a stop sign on Old Mill Drive at Gris Mill. To help reduce speeding and as an alternative to a speed bump.


Meeting ended 9:20pm