February 2022 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

February Old Mill HOA Executive Meeting

February 8, 2022, 7:00pm

Present: Kristin Stair, Elizabeth Waguespack, Donna McCaffery Sanders, Alberta Gauthier; Derrick Guillory

Absent: Scott Padgett, Damian Manning, Rob Ray

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 by Kristin Stair.

Approval of the minutes
Kristin Stair presented the minutes from the January meeting.

Donna McCaffery Sanders moved to approve the minutes as read.
The motion was seconded by Elizabeth Waguespack

The motion to approve the minutes passed with no objections.

Financial Report
Donna McCaffery Sanders presented the Treasurer’s report. We had another bill for insurance for $99.35. We can’t reprice the current policy until the roof is completed on the current claim. Because of this, we are over budget on insurance for the year.

Other charges and fees were normal. Overall, we are overbudget on several items for the year. The pool pump balance has been paid.

The fencing has been completed. Donna will send the company the final payment this week.

The HOA has a checking account balance of $2,200 and a savings account balance of

Derrick Guillory moved the accept the financial report as read.
Alberta Gauthier seconded the motion

With no objections the financial report was approved.

President’s Report
Rob Ray was not present for the meeting. He is working on trying to get the gate remotes figured out but is having difficulties with the cords and connecting to the system.

Kristin discussed that Rob is making copies of the annual meeting letters handouts and she will get them organized by street and distribute them to everyone as soon as possible so they can be out by February 15th.

Club House Update
Kristin gave an update on the pool roof estimates. She has one estimate currently and Scott received a second estimate. The other company will not return texts or calls. Elizabeth Waguespack will follow up one more time to try to get a third estimate. Because Kristin will not be serving another board term, she asked that the estimates be taken care of by someone else so that they will be able to oversee the project.

Welcome Committee:
Alberta reported that there are no new residents this month. But there are several houses currently for sale with offers.

She also completed new wreaths for the subdivision.

Social Report
Elizabeth Waguespack is working on the Mardi Gras bike parade and will let the officers know what help she needs with the event.


Architectural update
Damian Manning was not present to provide an update.

Pool and Maintenance Updates
Derrick Guillory has been working with the existing pool company. Overall, he has not been happy with the current service and their response to the pool clean-up and care after the hurricane. They have given a very high quote to clean the pool to get it back open this spring.

After contacting three different companies, he presented quotes for initial cleaning of the pool as well as ongoing maintenance throughout the year.

Elizabeth Waguespack moved to hire LW4 services for $1800 initial cleaning, $850/mo and $400.00/mo for winter months.

Donna McCaffery Sanders seconded the motion

Motion passed with no opposition.

Derrick agreed to reach out to the company to discuss the new contract and to see if we might be able to negotiate a lower initial cleaning*.

*note – After the meeting, Derrick reached out to the company and they agreed to do the initial cleaning for $300 less than originally quoted.


At a previous meeting, Derrick was asked to price chillers for the pool. The first estimate he received for the equipment needed for a pool the size of ours was around $16,000.

It was discussed that a neighborhood vote may be needed for the expanse of a chiller since initial estimates are looking very high and with the repairs that have had to be done this year, it seems to not be a good time to make such a large purchase. A purchase of this size may be more appropriate for a special assessment rather than coming out of the budget.

It was also discussed that the pergola needs to be repaired before the pool opens and that we should start on that now since it may take time to get it built and repaired.


New Business
Volunteer Hours for Dues
It was discussed that for work hours, we should use a February 1 cut off and that any board members who need to submit their hours should do so as soon as possible.

An brief discussion reviewed the procure for handing out letters, the agenda, and what documents are needed for the annual meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 9:02pm.

Kristin Stair