October 9, 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting

Wednesday October 9, 2019

7pm @ Clubhouse


In attendance: Richard Thompson, Rob Ray, Stephanie Brown, Tracy DiBendetto, Damian Manning


Absent: Rick Munch, Doug Pourciau, Alberta Gauthier


Taking notes: Stephanie Brown


Start time: 7:04pm


  1. Stephanie went over previous unfinished task from last meeting.
  2. Stephanie gave board final copy of quote from KGB for weir/bulkhead. Total amount $11,800.00. Stephanie motioned to approve. Rob 2nd. All present in favor.
  3. Rob stated that there was a resident who rented the clubhouse the previous weekend when air conditioning went out and was not happy with communication about the issue and had to move her party outside because it was too hot. Rob motioned to refund resident $50 rental fee and give certificate for a free rental. Damian 2nd. All present agreed. Richard wrote check to homeowner immediately.
  4. Rob asked Tracy about Fall Fest date. Tracy advised we can do Saturday Nov 2nd (bye week for LSU) or Saturday November 9th (LSU at Alabama). Rob advised maybe we poll on FB to see what date is best for everyone. Stephanie will post poll.
  5. Rob advised that residents have asked on FB page about shutting down roads for Halloween. Board discussed options but don’t know exactly what is involved. Permit, extra police patrol, barricades, etc. Tracy will have Loretta call the parish and the Sheriff’s Office for information.
  6. Stephanie asked about setting Fall work day. Board agreed to discuss at next meeting as Rick normally heads that up.
  7. Stephanie asked about date for pool closing. Board decided that since weather was still warm we would leave open until at least November 13th (next board meeting). We will discuss closing then.
  8. Stephanie reminded board that RCI is scheduled to come out next Friday to replace dead/dying plants.
  9. Rob advised that clubhouse stays filthy on outside walls and maybe in the future we can plant to pressure wash it more often. Rob also asked what specific duties were of cleaning personnel of clubhouse. Specifically if inside of clubhouse (excluding bathroom and hallway) was supposed to be cleaned. At this time understanding is bathrooms and hallways only.
  10. Board discussed quote from Clean Sweep for parking lot. Richard asked if this was for sealer or asphalt. Rob said his understanding was that just sealant and striping. Rob decided to call Doug on speaker for clarification. Doug stated that he verified with contractor that they will seal cracks then lay asphalt and sealer, and stipe parking lot. Rob motioned to approve, Stephanie 2nd all present in favor.
  11. Richard advised that we still have same 2 homeowners with unpaid dues.


Meeting ended at 8:26pm