October 2020 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

October Old Mill HOA Executive Meeting

October 21, 2020, 7:00pm

Present: Stephanie Brown, Alberta Gauthier, Richard Thompson, Kristin Stair, Rob Ray
Absent: Allison Mitchell, Damian Manning, Rick Munch

The meeting was called to order at 6:56 pm by Rob Ray, Old Mill HOA President.

Approval of September Minutes/Old Business
Kristin Stair reviewed the minutes of the September board meeting.

Kristin moved to accept the minutes
Stephanie seconded the motion
With no objections, the motion to accept the minutes was approved

Treasurer’s Report

Richard Thompson sent the monthly financial report to the officers via email for their review

There is one house that still has not paid dues. The attorney has sent a certified letter to the homeowner warning of additional fines if not aid. The resident is supposed to respond by the 23rd. No response has been given yet. It was discussed that is Richard had not received a response Monday he will follow-up to see if the letter was received.

Alberta Gauthier moved to approve the Treasurers report.
Rob Ray seconded the motion.
With no objections, the motion passed

Architectural Committee Report

Damian Manning was unable to attend the meeting and shared his report via text to the board. He had nothing to report except a few homes that have had multiple months of improvement violations. A certified letter will need to be out as a next step.

It was discussed that a certified letter might not be needed and Rob Ray will follow up with Damian on the next visit.

Damien also had a request from a homeowner regarding a fence that had come down during Hurricane Delta.  This will be followed up on later in the meeting.


Welcome committee report
There is one new resident to Old Mill. Alberta Gauthier needs more welcome sheets to create the welcome packet. She will contact Rick Munch to get new sheets printed.

Alberta expressed concerns about some of the plants near the 73 entrance. She said that many of the plants have died again. It was discussed that we may need to replace with something more hardy, possibly take out the shrubs and just put mulch down. Stephanie and Alberta will assess it and determine some alternatives to the current landscaping.

The entrance sign also needs to be repainted. Rob Ray discussed that if the HOA can get the paint color list, a homeowner is available who will be able to paint the sign for us.


Social Committee Report
Allison Mitchell has purchased the trophies for the winners of the decoration contest.

She has the costs of the trophies ($72.94) and ribbons ($27.49) as well as the umbrellas from this summer ($40) and requested reimbursement.

Kristin Stair moved to approve the reimbursement
the motion was seconded by Stephanie Brown
With no discussion, the motion passed.


Pool committee
Stephanie Brown contacted eight companies about repairing the pool. Three of the eight companies do not do the work. She left additional messages with some companies and hasn’t heard back. Two came out and looked at it. One contacted her to notify her that they can’t do the work. The one who came out still has not sent out a quote*.

*NOTE: After this meeting, Stephanie received a quote from Gordillo’s Sub-Contractors for the grout work for the pool decking ($8,500.00) and one to reseal concrete joints around the pool within the gated area ($3,200.00). A vote was taken electronically and with passed with no objections.

After discussion, it was decided to post the request on Facebook and ask someone in the neighborhood if they may have recommendations of others who can help.

Club House AC
Rick Munch has been working with repair services to fix the club house air conditioner. There was a charge of $45 for an estimate and currently, he has spent $350 for a new condenser.


Beautification Committee
Kristin Stair and Rick Munch met with Allen’s Tree Service on Wednesday, October 14th. It was discussed that the trees that are around the pond are short lived trees and will continue to die off and come down. The trees are located on resident’s property and not on HOA owned property. Two trees are already down and two more are dying in the middle of the stand. Several of them are still in good condition. Kristin requested that a formal report be written up. She has not received any follow-up yet from the company but will continue to follow up.

It was discussed that legally, since it is the homeowners property, they will need to maintain it and if the trees end up damaging HOA property it will be the homeowners responsibility.

Kristin will send an email to all pond lot owners to remind them about maintenance around the pond.

She will send a second email to the owners with trees, notifying them about the quality of the trees and that they will be responsible for any damages*.

NOTE* After the meeting it was discussed that the pond lot trees should be discussed
further, action was detained until the next meeting.

Kristin shared the draft survey with the board at the last meeting and asked for feedback on the instrument and if anything else should be added. She would like to send it out in November or December.

Stephanie Brown suggested adding a question related to dues and amenities such as
“What is something that you wish we had, would you be willing to increase dues to increase amenities”.

Other Business
We had a lot of fencing come down during the last storm. Richard Thompson has not yet filed a claim, he decided to wait until the meeting for approval. Some owners have lost fencing completely and some have fencing in poor repair. Richard will have the adjustor come out and see if the fences that are in poor repair could be covered as well.

Water Issue
The sprinklers had been left running last month for an unknown amount of time. We think it may have been a result of the electrical system.  Stephanie Brown wanted to notify Richard that there may be a high water bill this next month as a result.

Halloween Guidelines
Stephanie Brown will be following up with the HOA regarding parking, sheriff’s office and other reminders for Halloween. We have a resident renting the club house for a campout on Halloween, she will be sending them reminder emails about the policies, including noise levels and all children being attended by an adult as well as a reminder that the pool closes at 9.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.

Specific business for follow-up at the November meeting:

  • 73 entrance landscaping
  • Old Mill Sign
  • Trees on Pond
  • Pool Repair
  • Club House AC Repair
  • Fencing