October 10, 2018 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

October 10th, 2018


Start- 7:17pm


In Attendance – Rob Ray, Rick Munch, Kenny Brown, Cory DiBenedetto, Jessica Benson


Sod has been installed – Kenny and Rick will figure out the watering situation.


Fountain in pond needs a new timer.


Pool cover sample came in.

$1200.00 – 5 cables

$1000.00 – Cover

$500.00 – Installation

Rick requested specifications in writing and for the pool guy to come back out.


Cory – Asphalt guy is still behind.

Rick – please ask Asphalt guy if he can sweep the parking lot and the repair. We need to restripe.


Upcoming Work Day –

See Saw, Bridge, and Restriping parking lot.

Bridge can be completed in sections.


Cars parking in street –

Some cars have had multiple complaints and notes placed on them. The notes advise we do not allow parking on our streets.

Rob will speak to repeat street parkers. If they continue to park in the street the board will send them a certified warning letter. If parking continues a fine will be given.

We will look into placing NO PARKKNG signs around the neighborhood.

We can not tow cars in the street, because signs are not posted.


Rob – Due to cost of the Landscaping we are sending the vote by text. All board members WILL  vote and  will be on record.


Rob motioned for approval of Tim’s design with Rotolo Consultants (RCI) for both entrances.


Rick seconded motion.



In person – Rob Ray, Kenny Brown, Rick Munch, Cory DiBenedetto, and Jessica Benson

By Text – Doug Pourciau, Tracy Mathis-dibenedetto

By Phone – Richard Thompson








RICK – Neighbor who owns property backing up to Walgreens is requesting replacement of the fence.Would like to know if

  1. They have to pay for it all.
  2. If the board will share in expense.
  3. Will the board assume responsibility for the fence and replace the fence as with done on the 73 perimeter fence.


Rick – the survey shows the fence is common property.


Rob – As with 73 our insurance says the home owner owns the fence. We would need the 74 perimeter owners to donate their back fences to the board.


Rick – The owners by Walgreens have some estimates for pricing to rebuild the fence.


Rob – We need to see if we can contact the contractor who built the 73 fence, for an estimate from them as well.


Richard (on vacation) should have a copy of the donation form. We can adjust it to work for 74 as well. Rob can write something up if needed.


Note – Plantation Creek perimeter fence was never HOA’s responsibility.


Rob- addressed concerns over cars driving through neighborhood during trick or treating.


Jessica will look into what permits we would need and the cost.

Meeting ended 8:00 pm