April 2021 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting

Tuesday April 13th, 2021



Present: Rick, Rob, Alberta, Stephanie, Richard, Elizabeth, Damian

Absent: Kristen

Observing: Pat Thompson


Taking Minutes: Stephanie


Start time: 6:35pm


Elected board to positions. Rob President. Rick Vice President/Clubhouse Chairman. Richard Treasurer. Damian Architecture. Alberta Welcome Committee. Kristin Maintenance. Elizabeth Social. Stephanie Pool Chair.

Stephanie went over minutes from March. Rob advised that he left letter for bulkhead on the printer but will send tomorrow. Sending to 5 homeowners not 4 (one is a corner lot with a few feet). Rob moved to accept minutes. Rick second.


Richard sent copy of financial report and went over report. Numerous homeowners have not paid dues for this year. Stephanie motioned to accept financial report. Rob 2nd. All in favor.

Architectural. Few request 3-4 most. Went over issue of pond lot owner questioning when we would install fence. Hoa agreed to pay portion of backfill, sod and re-install existing fencing with cap of $2,000. We paid $2,500 in backfill/sod for that lot…..need to resolve with homeowner. Rob and Rick agreed that we should pay contractor $130 for labor to replace fencing. Rob raised motion, Stephanie 2nd.  Advised Damian that homeowner needs to be contacted sooner rather than later


Rob welcomed former board member from Old Dutchtown. Discussed problems, ideas, etc. Discussed pro/cons of management companies, raising of dues (Old Dutchtown annual dues are currently $535). Old Dutchtown present from 7-8:30

Vice president report. Sprinkler system adjustments. Rick cut back on sprinkler watering. Cut back watering to prevent unneeded water. Water bill cut down about 1/3 on water bill for sprinkler systems. Rick and Kenny repaired 2 valves broken on meters from freezing.

Stephanie advised the “rules” sign at pool need to be replaced before opening.  Elizabeth advised she works with a sign company and can get a quote. Stephanie will get into to Elizabeth.



Damian asked if we had and age limit at the park.  Board discussed putting age limit. Tabled until next meeting.


We will uncover pool Sunday evening 4/18/21. Workday at pool/clubhouse will follow within a couple of weeks.

Future work days will include repairing hwy 73 fence, replacing playground border, installing seesaw.


Alberta would like to re-define colors for houses, patio covers, set colors for outside of homes. Set standard for colors. List colors and no other options. Table until next meeting


Elizabeth social wants to do a movie night. Snow cone truck for kids. Movie night to be on lawn before pool opening. Rick mentioned on possible campout by pond. Rob mentioned a talent contest for kids. Possible age group with awards. Rick mentioned possible fishing rodeo for the kids.


Stephanie asked if anyone had objections to have a management company come speak next meeting.  No objections. Stephanie will contact a few companies to meet with board over the next 3 months.


Richard mentions some homeowner’s overpaid dues (homeowners who had work credits). He will be writing checks to those homeowners


Rob mentioned he purchased 4 basketballs for pool from Walmart. No objections to reimburse rob for balls


Rob mentioned ideas for outside storage.


Meeting adjourned 9pm