September 2021 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

September Old Mill HOA Executive Meeting

September 16, 2021, 7:00pm

Present: Rick Munch, Stephanie Brown, Alberta Gauthier, Damian Manning, Kristin Stair, Elizabeth Waguespack

Absent: Donna McCaffery

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Rick Munch, Old Mill HOA Vice-President.

Approval of August Minutes/Old Business
Kristin Stair reviewed the minutes of the last meeting that was held on August 12, 2020.

Stephanie Brown moved to accept the minutes as read
Alberta Gauthier seconded the motion
With no objections, the motion to accept the minutes was approved


Social Committee Report
Alberta Gauthier dropped off materials for the new homeowners. A few trees need to be taken care of around the neighborhood. Our Mowmasters contact will be contacted once he returns from vacation to address the trees leaning from the storm.

Alberta will begin to look at potential plants for replacements for the entrances.


Pool committee
Stephanie Brown reported that after the hurricane the pool sat for a few weeks without running.
There is a $2,000 – $2500 estimate and about a two week wait to get it running and clean.

Stephanie is going to reach out to the supervisor to see about getting more information about what needs to be done to get the pool where it needs to be. It appears that the pool is not being cleaned and vacuumed as needed to get it back open. Because of its current state, it appears as if the pool may not be able to be reopened this year before our usual closing date of the end October.

Rick Munch offered to meet with the company supervisor if he is able to come see the pool.

Rick asked if the pool contractor can provide us with a complete estimate for the pool that can be included in the insurance report.


President’s Report
Rob Ray has not yet been able to make the Facebook post regarding assistance with yard clean-up. It was discussed that we can make a post to encourage residents to begin cutting up yard debris into smaller sections and disposing of it.

It was asked if it would it be possible to allow homeowners to dump yard debris near the dumpster and we could encourage them to dispose of it slowly?

It was discussed if it could be possible to leave the dumpster unlocked. It was discussed that this would be an issue with it being overused by homeowners without enough room in the dumpster for usual debris. It was also mentioned that the burn ban has been lifted and that might be an option for some home owners with less debris.

Rick Munch mentioned that insurance will pay for cleaning and clearing of the common property.

Parish has 19 trucks picking up yard debris and it could be November before all of the yard debris is picked up.

It was discussed at the previous meeting that a homeowner complained about the chain-link fences at Rivergate. Rob and Damian Manning will talk with them this weekend about concerns. There were additional violations that could be discussed at that time.

Architectural Committee Report
Damian Manning has been getting a lot of request about fencing issues, especially with who owns the fencing and who put the fences up originally. Situations were discussed that in some cases homeowners may not want fences back up and that it should be a discussion between homeowners.

It was discussed that even if you are putting the same style and type of fence back up, it should be approved so that there can be a record of which company is being used.

It was asked if home generator installs require approval? It was discussed that they do not need approval, similar to changing out an AC system. However, after further discussion, it was agreed that they should be submitted just to make sure that they are being installed where they should be and not installed in the front yard, etc.

Social Committee
Elizabeth reported that the garage sale date has been set.

Stephanie Brown asked about new garage sale signs. It was discussed if metal signs might be worth looking into. Elizabeth will get a quote on replacing them.

The Halloween decorating contest was discussed for this year, it was mentioned that we might want to add additional awards to help other yards get recognized.

Elizabeth is currently planning for either the 6th or 13th November for a chili cook-off fall festival.


Maintenance Committee
Trees near the pond are now tilting. Kristin Stair asked where we need to go with it at this point. Rick Munch mentioned that he currently has these trees listed as a claim with the insurance company due to their damage.

Kristin asked if we should plan on not doing the Christmas tree recycling program this year. It was suggested that we keep this event as a possibility and then can decide closer to December if we want to keep it when we get a better idea about how much debris is left.

Club house roof has been assessed. There are some lose shingles and an adjuster went up and looked at the damage. Because the roof is older it might not be possible to repair single tiles. $90,000 for total claim for trees, pond, pool and roof. But that is still not the final number.

Vice Presidents Report
Rick Munch reviewed the new budget report.

Under contingencies, the $2,600 fee from ascension tree and stump is listed which caused the budget to be over. Rick asked if that could be moved to non-budget items.

On page 1 of the budget, there was $13,000 deposited into savings. Richard took the extra money collected into contingencies and Rick moved it into savings.
There were no objections to moving those budget items.

Rick has been working with the insurance adjuster, the fencing companies and other entities regarding the Hurricane damage.
So far, the quotes for fencing are:
Supreme   $61,970
Scott Fencing   $62,500

Neither fence company will haul away the old fencing that is down and has been stacked. So, it will just have to get left out until the parish can pick-it up. Fencing in private property will be hauled away.

Other Business

At the end of the special meeting last month, it was voted and approved that the motion to hire a management company would be postponed to the September meeting. Due to various factors, Kristin Stair moved to postpone the motion to hire a management company to be tabled until the November meeting to allow time to see if the new system can be successful and to get a better idea about remaining damage from the hurricane.

The motion was seconded by Stephanie Brown
With no objections, the motion will be delayed until the November meeting.

Rick Munch moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:03pm
Kristin Stair seconded the motion.
With no objections, the motion passed.



After the Meeting
Stephanie Brown and Rick Munch both resigned from the board. A call to fill positions will be discussed at the October meeting.




Kristin Stair