Old Mill HOA Board Meeting Minutes September 2022

(Secretary Note – Due to previous formats being unavailable from loss of email accounts, a “raw” format was used for these notes. Access to previous notes have since been re-acquired, so future notes will look as old notes have with Old Mill letter head, accurate timestamps, etc.)

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting 9/13/22

Meeting called to order at 645 by Scott, heather seconded

Financial report – Balances were reviewed, mostly normal transactions. Only question is about a ~$20 charge for “thermostat,” Board will look into which vendor is charging
Board emails/Google accounts were locked behind a pay wall. The board agreed that we should pay for one month of service to review and gather important emails and records, then switch to using only the new Gmail accounts.

7:00 scott motioned to accept treasurer’s report & Derrick seconded

President’s Report
still working on quotes for new grass company
Pool will be covered Nov 1, Rob recommends talking to Lonnie Causey about how to do it correctly
Nov. 12 gumbo cookoff. Time TBD
New email addresses to be posted on FB page.
Board members need to give Derrick input on the neighborhood newsletter by 9/18
Board is looking for new pool furniture at this time of year to try to find deals, if possible.

Vice President
Electric Gate company has not performed the final fix for the hwy 73 gate EMS horn opening function. The part is in, it just needs to be installed.

Curtains – Heather is recommending new curtains. Board Approved, curtains have been purchased and will be hung soon.

Update the facebook questions – Add “how long have you lived in old mill” as a FB question
facebook business page – Scott wanted to create a separate “Old Mill Business” page on facebook for neighbors to share their businesses, and to keep a record of recommended contractors who have done good work. Board recommended to have these contacts as a subset of the existing facebook page instead of a new one. Scott will proceed that direction