November 13, 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting

Wednesday November 13, 2019

7pm @ Clubhouse

In attendance: Richard Thompson, Rob Ray, Stephanie Brown, Rick Munch, Damian Manning, Alberta Gauthier, Doug Pourciau

Absent: Tracy DiBendetto

Taking notes: Stephanie Brown

Start time: 7:13pm (Rob not present yet).

  1. Stephanie went over previous unfinished task from last meeting.
  2. Discussed pool closing. Stephanie will announce that pool is closed via FB. Rick advised he’s modifying cables for pool cover and we will cover pool once that is complete. Stephanie will contact pool maintenance when pool cover date is decided. Stephanie will deactivate pool cards.
  3. Rick advised that RCI replaced azalea’s and planted fall colors.
  4. Rick attempted to fix light on hwy 74 entrance after annuals were pulled up. Damian, Rick and Kenny will work on light this Saturday at 9am.
  5. Rick motioned to resolve clubhouse cleaning at next meeting (specifically duties). Stephanie will work on a checklist for cleaning personnel.
  6. Stephanie to advised cleaning personnel that pool is closed and clubhouse cleaning is only needed once a week.
  7. Richard advised that same 2 homeowners have dues that aren’t paid. Rick advised that we send letter via attorney to homeowners. Rick advised that we speak with Rob about writing a letter.
  8. Richard mentioned that we needed a formal plan on how to move forward with homeowners who have multiple hoa violations (fees, certified letters, etc).
  9. Rick mentioned that we need to follow up with homeowners along hoa fence regarding overgrown vegetation.
  10. Rick will call Plant Tech to follow up on Willow Tree installation by common area on pond.
  11. Rick advised that one fountain in pond is not working. He said we lost the electrical feeder. Rick advised about 3 lots on common area would need to be trenched and that it would take approximately ½ a day. In addition, we conduct regular electrical testing, which includes evaluating any plugs, sockets, cables, and appliances that are powered by our power source. If you’re interested, go to https://eicr-testing.uk/the-cost-of-eicr-testing/.

Rob arrived (7:53)

  1. Richard asked if any sprinklers were damaged at hwy 74 entrance during Halloween. Rick and Rob both advised they didn’t think so.
  2. Rob asked Damian if he had spoken with resident regarding cover on back patio. Damian and Rick both advised they had. Board will discuss specifications for back patio.
  3. Rick showed video of AP school bus hitting hoa mailbox. Occurred on Friday November 8th at approx. 7:30am. Video clearly shows bus driver turning around in bus turn around and hitting mailbox with passenger side front mirror. Mailbox was knocked down. Driver drove off. Board voted to address bus driver before going to school board. Richard will speak with bus driver tomorrow morning.
  4. Rick advised that the glass panels on one of the back doors to the clubhouse has fogged. Doug will contact Plaquemine Glass for estimate to fix.
  5. Rick advised that last time clubhouse AC was fixed they offered a maintenance contract for approx. $15 a month. Board is ok with a maintenance contract at or around that price. Rick will get exact price and let board know.

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Meeting ended 8:36pm