May 8, 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting

Wednesday May 8, 2019

7pm @ Clubhouse

In attendance: Rob Ray, Rick Munch, Richard Thompson, Tracy DiBendetto (arrived 7:22), Doug Pourciau, Damien Manning, Stephanie Brown

Absent: Jessica Benson

Taking notes: Stephanie Brown

Observing: Fred & Raye Logsdon

Start time: 7:12pm

Richard went over finances/bank accounts. We currently have 7 homeowners who have not paid annual dues.

Doug advised his new email password is not working. Rob asked that I get with Jared to see how much “google storage” we have with gmail (to be used for contracts, etc).

Rick advised that landscaping company will be coming in soon to put in new spring coloring, which includes the installation of nursery playground equipment with the assistance of a professional contractor

Rick advised that the RCI proposal to fix the irrigation on entrance is approx. $472. Rick advised that was high. Rob suggested that if we can do on a work day we should. That is the plan as of now.

Rick reminded board that there is no parking in bus turn arounds. That is for the use of buses as per AP school board property buses can not turn around on private property.

Uncovered pool: Rick Munch, Rob Ray, Richard Thompson, Doug Pouciau, Damien Manning, Kenny Brown, Fred Logsdon. Kenny notified pool maintenance person that pool was uncovered via text and asked that he come asap to adjust chemicals, pumps, etc.

Rob asked that I post photos of new fencing and walk around to pond on FB. We will install handrail for walk around that is in compliance to current standards.

Discussed swim instructor. Swim instructor does not have her own private insurance policy and never has. Always used a release form. Rob advised that our hoa insurance does not cover businesses that are ran out of clubhouse/pool. Rick proposed having homeowner pay hoa then hoa to pay swim instructor as a lifeguard. Rick also suggested we can have a rider policy written for the months she is here and she can pay the cost to the hoa. Rick asked that we postpone vote of swim instructor until Richard can find out the cost of a rider policy or if her services are currently covered under our policy. Stephanie will communicate with swim instructor.

Rick advised that on work day ditches need to be sprayed. Rick advised that cracks in parking lot need to be filled before we re-strip parking lot. Doug is going to get quote on work and we will then decide if we will do or wait.

In June we will discuss update of landscaping issues for individual homeowners.

Rob brought up the idea of having hoa board shirts to use for hoa events (work days, social events, etc). Rick liked the idea. All agreed (Rob, Rick, Doug, Damien, Richard, Tracy, Stephanie). Shirts would say something like “Old Mill HOA” or “Old Mill Board Member”, etc. Rob advised this would make board members more identifiable for new residents, or for those who simply have questions at events, etc. Tracy asked that we use one color for all. Rick and Tracy advised that they both know people who monogram shirts for reasonable cost. Rick and Tracy will get prices on shirts so we can discuss.

Rob advised that an idea that Jessica had was to build a stage in front of the big window for renters to use and we’d also have storage underneath. Rick, Damien, Doug advised that could be a safety issue and Rick also advised that he just added extra storage in the cleaning supply room.

Meeting ended 9pm