May 23 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
May 11, 2023
Minutes of the Old Mill Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors regular monthly meeting,
held on Thursday, May 11, 2023 at 5:45 pm at the Old Mill Clubhouse in Geismar, LA.
I. Call to Order
a. Board President Derrick Guillory called the meeting to order at 5:45 pm.
II. Roll Call of Officers
a. Roll call of officers at 5:47 pm
b. Present: Derrick Guillory, Rob Ray, Josette Williams-Castell, Rick Munch, Heather
Lukse, Alberta Gauthier, Amy Turner.
c. Absent: Rob Ray, Scott Padgett
III. Approval of Minutes of the 2023 Annual Meeting
a. Motion by Rick Munch, seconded by Josette Williams-Castell, to approve the
minutes of the 2023 Annual Meeting was unanimously carried.
b. The Secretary, Scott Padgett was not in attendance at the meeting. Amy Turner
agreed to record the regular meeting minutes. The meeting minutes will be sent to
Rick Munch for printing and distribution at the next regular meeting.
IV. Officers’ Reports
a. President’s Report was given by Derrick Guillory as follows:
i. HOA Management: Quotes were provided for two (2) Management
companies: PMI Integrity Companies (quote obtained in 2021 by a previous
Board Member) and Magnolia Management Services (quote obtained by
Derrick in 2023). The Board discussed the proposal to hire a management
company to perform administrative, property, financial, meeting, and
insurance management services for the Old Mill Homeowners Association.
After discussion, the Board did not come to an agreement on whether these
services should be procured. Motion by Rick Munch, seconded by Josette
Williams-Castell, to table this discussion until the next regular meeting was
unanimously carried.
ii. Waste Management Services: Derrick is waiting on a return phone call from
Waste Pro regarding a request to exchange the container with 8 cans due to
issues arising from the lack of volunteers to regularly empty trash cans
around the pool and clubhouse area and safety concerns with individual
volunteers attempting to lift heavy loads when attempting to empty the
current cans into the container.
iii. Property Management: Motion by Derrick Guillory, seconded by Alberta
Gautier, to replace azaleas on Clubhouse property was unanimously carried.
b. Welcome and Garden Club Committee Chair’s Report was given by Alberta
Gauthier as follows:
i. Landscaping/Maintenance of Grounds: The lawn maintenance company,
along with a homeowner volunteer, will plant periwinkle in blue and white at
the entrances to the subdivision.
ii. New Homeowner Welcome packages: The names of new homeowners to
whom a Welcome package needs to be delivered was requested.
c. Clubhouse Committee Chair’s Report was given by Heather Lukse as follows:
i. Clubhouse Maintenance: After a recent clubhouse rental, the bathrooms
were left in a deplorable state and an additional cleaning, outside of the
regularly paid cleaning scheduled was needed and procured.
ii. Pool Committee: It was proposed that homeowner volunteers be solicited to
form a pool committee to take care of regular maintenance of the pool area.
The Board discussed this proposal and agreed that regular maintenance is
essential to the continued preservation and aesthetics of this Common Area,
including the newly purchased pool furniture, which is often left in a
disorganized manner, and umbrellas, which are often left open after
homeowner use. The Board agreed to include this solicitation in an
upcoming communication to homeowners. It was also agreed that approved
volunteer hours could be applied to a homeowner’s annual dues in
compensation for the services performed as members of the Pool
d. Treasurer’s Report was given by Josette Williams-Castell as follows:
i. Annual Budget: An updated budget was presented to the Board for approval
to present at an upcoming meeting of the Members. Motion by Josette
Williams-Castell, seconded by Derrick Guillory to present the updated
budget was unanimously carried.
ii. Annual Expense Report: An annual expense report was prepared and
presented to the Board for the 22-23 Fiscal Year. The Board discussed the
previous fiscal year’s budget and expenses and determined that the increase
in cost of services due to economic changes may necessitate consideration of
an increase in the annual assessment.
iii. Monthly Expenses: Rick Munch requested that the Treasurer discuss any
unusual changes in monthly utility expenses at the regular monthly meetings.
The Board agreed to the inclusion of this element in the Treasurer’s
subsequent reports.
iv. Taxes: Both State and Federal tax returns have been completed and mailed.
There were no taxes owed for either filing.
e. Maintenance Committee Chair’s Report was given by Rick Munch as follows:
i. Gate Repairs: Repairs to the gate system receiver that allows for a vehicle’s
remote control, as well as the receiver that recognizes sirens on Emergency
vehicles were repaired.
ii. Common Property Sign: The sign on the entrance gate currently states an
incorrect email address for the Architectural Committee. The Board agreed
to replace this sign to reflect the updated contact information.
iii. Pool Card System: Derrick will give Rick the Pool Gate Access management
V. Elections
a. Motion by Heather Lukse, seconded by Josette Williams-Castell, to accept the
following appointments of Officers and Committee Chairs was carried:
i. President – Derrick Guillory
ii. Vice President – Robert Ray
iii. Secretary – Amy Turner
iv. Treasurer – Josette Williams-Castell
v. Maintenance Committee Chair – Rick Munch
vi. Architectural Control Committee Chair – Derrick Guillory
vii. Clubhouse Committee Chair – Heather Lukse
viii. Welcome Committee Chair – Alberta Gauthier
ix. Garden Club Committee Chair – Alberta Gauthier
x. Pool Committee Chair – Scott Padgett
The board meeting adjourned at 8:17 pm. upon motion by Rick Munch, seconded by Heather Lukse
and unanimously carried.
These minutes were approved by the Board of Directors.

Josette Williams-Castell, Secretary
Date: June 5, 2023