March 2022 Unofficial HOA Meeting

March 29,2022

6:30 PM

Present: Rob Ray, Scott Padgett, Derrick Guillory, Allison Mitchell, Alberta Gauthier, Donna McCaffery, Heather Lukse

Absent: Chris Chalmers

No minutes were approved from the previous meeting, this was just to discuss officer positions, what each position entails and a few other questions new members had. We have several new members from the last few months.

President: Derrick Guillory

Vice President: Rob Ray

Treasurer: Donna McCaffery

Secretary: Scott Padgett


Architectural Control: Chris Chalmers

Pool: Derrick Guillory

Social: Allison Mitchell

Maintenance: Derrick Guillory

Clubhouse: Heather Lukse

Welcoming: Alberta Gauthier

Garden Club: Alberta Gauthier

Committees were discussed and we will go into further detail regarding days and times that each committee could possibly meet. We will go into further conversation at our April meeting.

Quick budget discussion:

Garden Club has a budget of $1,250. That budget is for the wreaths at the entrances of the neighborhood. The wreaths cannot be reused from year to year due to the weather getting to them.

Social has a budget of $2,000.

It was asked if the monitor in the hallway could be disabled during pool hours. The neighborhood already voted at the annual meeting to remove the monitor, it will be removed.

Work Hours-

Any work hours earned in the neighborhood MUST be approved by the board.

A few things mentioned that homeowners can vote on.

Per Rob

-Homeowners can vote on the raising of annual dues. (However, the board can approve special assessments without the Homeowners’ votes.)

-Making adjustments to bylaws.

We also discussed the Easter Egg Hunt, pool opening and getting a BBQ pit for the pool area.

Derrick said that he & Rob had casually talked about how it would be nice if there was a BBQ pit at the clubhouse/pool for residents to use so he did some research & found a couple models on Amazon…

The board discussed the possibility of 3 small grills but wanted to try 1 first to see if people used it. Ultimately the board decided one bigger size would be best…

After walking the grounds the board thought the best spot was next to the pump room where the hose was to be able to clean it out.

Derrick raised a motion to purchase the larger grill from Amazon.

Rob seconded the motion.


Derrick – Yes

Rob – Yes

Scott – Yes

Donna – Yes

Allison – Yes

Heather – Yes

Alberta – Yes

Chris was not present at the meeting.

Meeting ended at 8:21pm.