March 11, 2020 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting

Wednesday March 11th, 2020

7pm @ Clubhouse


In attendance: Richard Thompson, Stephanie Brown, Rick Munch, Damian Manning, Alberta Gauthier, Doug Pourciau

Absent: Rob Ray, Tracy DiBenedetto


Taking notes: Stephanie Brown


Start time: 7:08pm


  1. Stephanie went over previous board meeting minutes from February.
  2. Richard advised that Waste Pro can empty dumpster once a month for $65. Rick advised that we change to once a month until further notice or when pool reopens. All present approved
  3. Damian advised homeowner that is installing flag pole agreed to all regulations set by hoa and signed agreement.
  4. Rick presented aerial photos of pond to show that fountains aren’t spraying as they should. Rick advised as far as he knows they have never been professionally cleaned. Rick got quote to clean fountains for $375 each. Rick gave motion to approve. Alberta 2nd all present in favor.
  5. Rick advised board of blue golf cart that caused ruts in lawn by playground, clubhouse. We are working to identify.
  6. Rick got quote for hydro seeding area of common property where bulkhead was recently installed. Quote is for .08 sq ft. Doug advised that hydro seeding may take time to “take”. Doug advised it’s possible they may have to come out more than once. Rick is going to check on warranty and get a formal proposal with terms and conditions.
  7. Pool age will be tabled for new board.
  8. Rick advised that he installed outlets below lights on hwy 74 entrance
  9. Rick advised he spoke with president of Rivergate subdivision and he advised that homeowner that backs to our playground plans on putting a fence up. Rivergate president also advised that their hoa is replacing the fence that borders our property that is coming down.
  10. Rick advised that per our bylaws 2 board members must sign all contracts.
  11. Doug gave Rick Official Bylaws, Covenants, and Restrictions that he got from the parish.
  12. Richard advised he received a bill from RCI for March and that we aren’t paying as contract ended 3/1/20 and RCI still owes annuals
  13. Rick gave board instructions on how to forward hoa emails to personal email.
  14. Rick went over 5 landscaping contracts. Rick motioned to approval Mow Masters. Alberta 2nd all present approved.
  15. Richard went over annual budget for 2020/2021. Board made adjustments. Rick motioned to approve. Stephanie 2nd.
  16. Homeowner on pond inquired about hoa loaning them money for bulkhead. Board agreed that the hoa can’t loan money to homeowners and that if we could it could possibly cause issues with pond lot owners who have already installed a bulkhead as they were not offered this. Rick advised that board needs to meet with homeowner. Stephanie will contact homeowner.
  17. Richard advised that the board needs to put in place a process for fine homeowners for multiple hoa violations. New board to discuss
  18. Stephanie advised that garage sale date needs to be set. Board agreed to poll via FB and got with majority.



Meeting ended 8:53pm