June 23 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

June 27th, 2023

Minutes of the Old Mill Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors regular monthly meeting, held on Tuesday, June 27th, 2023 at 6:30 pm at the Old Mill Clubhouse in Geismar, LA.

  1. Call to Order
    1. Board President Derrick Guillory called the meeting to order at 7:11 pm.
  1. Roll Call of Officers
    1. Roll call of officers at 7:12 pm
    1. Present: Derrick Guillory, Rob Ray, Josette Williams-Castell, Heather Lukse, Alberta Gautier, Amy Turner.
    1. Absent: Rick Munch 
  2. Approval of Minutes of the 2023 Annual Meeting
    1. Motion by Heather Lukse, seconded by Scott Padgett, to approve the minutes of the 2023 Annual Meeting was carried.
  3. Officers’ Reports
    1. President’s Report was given by Derrick Guillory as follows:
      1. HOA Management: This is not to vote on in this meeting. The company will raise the dues to the amount that we need to function. They make an account for every homeowner; each homeowner has a username and password. They can be paid weekly, monthly, daily. We send them our minutes, they review, and email to everyone’s account. Rob said that our Articles of Incorporation prevent companies from taking control of the account.
      1. Pool: We will give the current company 1 week (deadline of July 5, 2023) to clear up the current issues with the pool. Nancy Simoneaux, a homeowner, has looked into other companies and unfortunately they are not currently accepting new clients. Derrick will continue to solicit quotes for new pool companies. We would like to have someone ready to go by July 5, 2023. Scott said give “The Veteran” the chance to fix the pool after the current company. Current company will do a dropout tomorrow and close the pool for the required amount of time. 
    1. Vice President’s Report was given by Rob Ray as follows:
      1. There is no report.
    1. Welcome and Garden Club Committee Chair’s Report was given by Alberta Gautier as follows:
      1. Purchased some candles and will submit a receipt for reimbursement.
      1. Last new homeowner and tried to deliver candle but they have not moved in. 
    1. Clubhouse Committee Chair’s Report was given by Heather Lukse as follows:
      1. Going to ask current renters if they can reschedule; Motion by Heather and seconded by Josette to offer free rental and unanimously agreed.
    1. Treasurer’s Report was given by Josette Williams-Castell as follows:
      1. Annual Budget: An updated budget was presented to the Board for approval to present at an upcoming meeting of the Members. Motion by Josette Williams-Castell, seconded by Derrick Guillory to present the updated budget was carried.
      1. Annual Expense Report: An annual expense report was prepared and presented to the Board for the 22-23 Fiscal Year. The Board discussed the previous fiscal year’s budget and expenses and determined that the increase in cost of services due to economic changes may necessitate consideration of an increase in the annual assessment. 
      1. Monthly Expenses: Rick Munch requested that the Treasurer discuss any unusual changes in monthly utility expenses at the regular monthly meetings. The Board agreed to the inclusion of this element in the Treasurer’s subsequent reports. 
    1. Maintenance Committee Chair’s Report was given by Rick Munch as follows: 
      1. Gate Repairs: Repairs to the gate system receiver that allows for a vehicle’s remote control, as well as the receiver that recognizes sirens on Emergency vehicles were repaired. 
      1. Common Property Sign: The sign on the entrance gate currently states an incorrect email address for the Architectural Committee. The Board agreed to replace this sign to reflect the updated contact information. 
      1. Pool Card System: Derrick will give Rick the Pool Gate Access management system.  
    1. Pool Committee Chair’s report was given by Scott Padgett as follows: 
      1. Motion by Scott and seconded by Josette to offer free rental for clubhouse rental on June 29th to compensate for inaccessibility of pool due to maintenance and unanimously agreed.
      1. Heather wants to solicit volunteers for pressure washing concrete by pool while the pool is closed.  
  • Social Committee Chair’s Report was given by Amy Turner as follows:
    • Would like to schedule kid activities. 

The board meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm. upon motion by Josette, seconded by Scott  and unanimously carried.

These minutes were approved by the Board of Directors.