June 2021 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday June 8th Board Meeting

Present: Stephanie, Rick, Richard, Elizabeth, Alberta, Damian

Absent: Rob, Kristin

Observing: Pat Thompson

Taking notes: Stephanie

Start Time: 7:14pm

Stephanie reviewed minutes from last month. Stephanie moved to accept. Damian 2nd. All in favor.

Richard went over treasurer reports. Rick will give contractor who did grout work around pool a call to resolve grout work so we can pay. Currently there are 5 homeowners who have not paid their dues. Landry home still in court proceedings. Richard advised that all pond lot owners received certified letters except 37061 Mill Gate. Letter will have to be delivered by 2 board members. Rick advised that he spoke to renter at 37032 Mill Wood regarding unpaid dues. Rick advised renter said he was happy to pay $500 dues but homeowner told him no and that he would take care of it. Rick motioned to accept treasurer report. Elizabeth 2nd. All agreed.

Richard asked if they could have a moving sale next weekend. Richard will be putting in request with architectural committee for approval. Richard was also advised that he needed to let the 2 homeowner’s on each side of him aware that he was having one.

Rick and Damian spoke with homeowner next to common area of pond that is asking us to help with fence between their property and pond common property. Homeowner asked if we could pay for half the fence as the “good neighbor”.  Rick asked for them to get a couple quotes. Homeowner has not sent any info regarding quotes. Damian advised that if we reach agreement then homeowner would assume fence and damages, hurricane, etc. Board will make decision once pond lot owner submits quotes. Stephanie brought up multiple concerns regarding paying half of their fencing. Stephanie advised that although we are making no decision now the board has always treated all pond lot owners the same and this one should be no different under any circumstances. Stephanie stated that no other pond lot owner has had any help paying for their fencing that borders common property. She also reminded board of $2,000 cap for backfill/sod and to reinstall existing fencing. The HOA paid for $2,500 worth of backfill and sod for this particular lot therefore cap had actually been exceeded.

Rick advised that both stone walls at 74 entrance have been pressure washed by Mow Masters. Mow Masters also trimmed all bushes around clubhouse/pool. Rick advised that piece of lawn equipment is still in canal. Rick advised that he will look at broken plumbing covering outside of clubhouse. Rick is working on repainting sign off Hwy 74

Rick went over issue with free clubhouse rental that was to be used by another homeowner. Rick went over emails that were sent back and forth between him and homeowner. It was voted on and decided before board meeting that this would be approved and that Rob would let homeowner know it was approved.

Damian advised he has about more 10 homes to send violations. Damian advised there is a homeowner having trouble with installing new fence as homeowner behind them doesn’t want them on their property. Rick came up with solutions and discussed with Damian. Damian advised that homeowner who installed pool recently on Old Millstone wants to build a pool house but it is not up to HOA covenants and restrictions. Damian advised he denied the request and advised homeowner of restrictions. Homeowner wants to know how to change covenants/restrictions. Damian also advised that some homes have not gotten approval for new paint colors and he wants to send letter advising homeowners to submit a change of colors. Board reviewed letter and approved.

Elizabeth advised that pool party is June 19th. We will have pizza drinks, and movie. Elizabeth mentioned future fishing tournament.

Alberta new wreaths going up soon and that we have multiple new homeowners moving in soon.

Rick advised magnet on exit gate has been broken and we need new one. Rick is looking for new magnet for gate. May result to calling Gate Company to come out and replace.

Stephanie asked Richard how long he would be willing to help out the board with finances after he moves. He advised he would help for 2-3 months. Stephanie will make facebook post and send an email regarding the treasurer position. Stephanie sent email to board on May 19th asking for clarification on annual meeting quorum. Rick confirmed that meetings were being held properly. Stephanie reminded board that Bob’s Tree Preservation will be coming out Wednesday the 16th at 3:30 to access tree on pond. Stephanie advised Kristin sent emails to homeowners to advise them they were invited to attend. Stephanie advised that a pond lot owner questioned a new temporary structure put up by another homeowner on the pond. Rick and Damian advised that since it was temporary and not attached to the home it was fine and not against any of our restrictions. Stephanie also reminded board that PMI will be meeting with the board on Thursday June 17th at 6:30. She expressed to board the need for a management company in the near future as Old Mill is getting older and more difficult to maintain. She believes the best benefit would be for violation enforcement as it’s the most time consuming and most difficult. Another benefit is it would keep the board out of it (residents saying the board is picking on them, etc). A couple of board members expressed that we needed to have a meeting with residents to feel them out. The possibility of dues being raised was also discussed mainly because the volunteers that save us from hiring contractors are getting older and not able to do all of the work anymore. She pointed out that the reason Old Mill’s dues are so low is because of the amount of labor our volunteers provide instead of the board hiring a contractor. This will be discussed further at future meetings.

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Meeting adjourned 9:25