June 12, 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting

Wednesday June 12, 2019

7pm @ Clubhouse


In attendance: Rick Munch, Richard Thompson, Rob Ray, Damian Manning, Jessica Benson, Stephanie Brown

Absent: Doug Pourciau, Tracy DiBenedetto

Observing: Justin Benson

Taking notes: Stephanie Brown


Start time: 7:13pm


Stephanie addressed board to start meeting. Before agenda was discussed Jessica resigned from the board. Jessica and Justin exited at 7:17pm.


The board discussed homeowners responsibility of hwy 73 fence. Specifically weeds, bushes, trees, that are starting to grow through and over the fence. We can ask homeowners to trim or we can spray with weed control when ditches are sprayed. Will address specifics at a later time.


Bridge repairs will begin next week. Work to be done by volunteer homeowners.

Lock from dumpster has gone missing. Need to contact Waste Pro to ask how to acquire a new lock.

Rob asked that I post reminder on facebook for homeowners to lower umbrella’s as they leave. Umbrellas are being taken away by wind and one has been broken. Also a reminder regarding kids cursing at the pool. Children who are present at pool without parents (15+) who are cursing will be asked to leave by an adult and pool card will be cut off. Homeowner will have to contact the board to have it re-activated.

Rob and Rick asked if I could get with Kenny to see if the vinyl he has will stick to the tile tables. If so have him make reminders about the umbrella’s.

Rick advised he had a meeting with RCI regarding landscaping. A couple of residents were also present. RCI agreed to replace dying plants. We requested for them to fix sprinkler system however RCI is stating it is not their responsibility to fix. RCI agreed to give us a cut in price to fix repair/replace 12 sprinkler heads at entrances. They will also replace nozzles and re-aim all to water properly. RCI’s estimate is $836.44. Rob spoke with concerns of why RCI didn’t notify us of these issues when they were doing all the landscaping. RCI is claiming an “oversight”. Rick advised that he agreed with Rob’s concerns and RCI stated there is a “no irrigation” clause in our contract. Richard advised that our sprinklers have never been worked on and that the cost of doing this work is cheap. He hopes that after irrigation system is fixed the plants are actually kept up. Rick advised his issue was with the labor and technician rate of $650. Board agreed this has to be done to keep up landscaping and doing it later will cause more plants dying and more cost. Rob raised motion to approve for work to be done. Rick 2nd. All present agreed (Richard Thompson, Damian Manning, Stephanie Brown).

Rob advised that he’s put out about 13-15 notices within the last week on cars parked in the street. Board discussed possible signs for bus turn arounds to prevent over night parking.

Rick asked that I get contact info from Jessica from the Parish regarding the signs/speed limits.

Rick advised that Russell Pool gave a quote of $969 to install one handrail in the pool. Rick advised that handrail and hardware kit is only $322 and he can install himself. Stephanie motioned to approve for the hoa to purchase handrail and volunteers to install. Damian 2nd. All present agreed (Richard, Damian, Stephanie).

Rob advised that a resident asked about getting a possible basketball goal for the pool. Damian advised that it may encourage horse play. Rick advised the same, would possibly cause rough playing and would inconvenience neighbors who want to “relax”. Board agreed.

Rob suggested that within the next year we continue to talk about ways to cool the pool. Rick advised there are multiple options however none are cheap and would more than likely require a BIG assessment. Richard advised that he is not in favor of spending big dollars on cooling the pool. Board will look into any more option available within the year.

Rick advised that the light at the HWY 74 entrance will cost roughly $1,800 to repair. Richard advised that he contact electrician as $1,800 is a lot to repair a light. Rick advised that only 1 contractor has called him back and this is the only quote he has been able to get. Rick will look for other estimates.

Rick went over Architectural procedures with board.


8:47pm meeting ended