July 17, 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting

Wednesday July 17, 2019

7pm @ Clubhouse


In attendance: Rick Munch, Richard Thompson, Rob Ray, Damian Manning, Tracy DiBenedetto, Stephanie Brown, Doug Pourciau, Alberta Gauthier


Taking notes: Stephanie Brown


Start time: 7:10pm (Rob arrived 7:14)


Rick started meeting by stating that he’d like to re-implement “Robert’s Rule of Order”. Rick asked that Stephanie print previous month’s minutes and bring to monthly meeting so that we can discuss progress.

Rick advised that we are still having some issues with RCI. Rick sent all board members the phone number to Zeke with RCI and asked that we contact him directly if we see any dead plants, issues, etc. Rick specifically pointed out that there are issues with plants dying on the Hwy 74 entrance (“island” between entrance and exit).

Stephanie went over minutes from previous board meeting.

Rick followed up with concerns from previous meeting regarding fence on Hwy 73. There are multiple ways to handle. Rob advised that we should spray fence with weed control ourselves and notify homeowners (before spraying). Rick advised we need to identify which properties that need spraying and knock on doors to ask if we can spray. Rob advised that we put a notice out to all homeowners on fence lines (hwy 73 & Mill Wood) to let them know their responsibility for damage to fence from vegetation. All agreed that first step is to write letter to homeowners. Stephanie will draft letter and email to board for editing.

Rick brought up window in clubhouse that has not been fixed. Rick advised it needs replacing. Doug will contact Plaquemine Glass for quote, installation, etc.

Rob advised that one of his neighbors will be putting up a fence soon and homeowner has cement culvert. Rob advised homeowner to submit an architectural form for approval and committee will come out to make sure fence is installed properly.

Tracy advised that her fence needs repairs from storm and wanted to know if she needed to submit an architectural form. Rick advised yes and to submit as a “repair”.

Rick asked if we had update for quote on overlay for parking lot. Doug advised company has been out but we haven’t received quote. Doug will follow up.

Damian will follow up with Waste Pro for new lock on dumpster.

Rick advised bridge is complete.

Rick advised that handrail for pool is installed. Rick asked if 2nd handrail was needed/wanted. Rob advised that his vote would be no and residents don’t want a 2nd handrail. Rick asked if we could wait a month or so to get more feedback from neighborhood and we can discuss at next meeting. All agreed to table until next meeting.

Stephanie advised that a couple of residents have asked about stocking the pond with fish by either Wildlife and Fisheries or homeowners. NO homeowner can stock pond with fish. Doug and Rick advised that we would have to contact Wildlife and Fisheries regarding that. It is uncertain if that’s something they would do or if there is a cost. Doug also pointed out that there’s no way to “confine” fish to our pond as it drains to the ditches on Hwy 74.

Rob asked about erosion on canal side of weir. Rick advised that KGB is coming out to give us a quote on how much it would be to install bulkhead on that side like previously done on pond side. Rob asked if there was any current issue with nutria along the pond. No one has seen any sign of them recently. Rob also confirmed with Richard that we have a termite contract which Richard confirmed.

Alberta asked if we can have sewers cleaned? Rick advised that we could call the parish drainage department to see if they can check to see if they need to be cleaned.

Rob asked if there was an update from the parish on when they would be coming out to survey lots for drainage. Rick advised they were out a couple months ago for 2 days but hasn’t seen them since and doesn’t have an update.

Rick proposed purchasing 2 cameras for dumpster area in parking lot. All agreed. Rick will look into types, prices, etc.

Rob advised that we don’t have any signage for what time Park closes and we need one. Stephanie will get with Kenny to have one made.

Rick advised that we have had problems with pool violations and is proposing that we put up a monitor in the hallway of the clubhouse to show live camera footage so that homeowners are aware of what is being recorded. Rick believes that it could remind homeowners that recordings are current. Rob advised he was open to the idea of it on the wall in the hallway but unsure. Rick asked that we table idea to next meeting. All agreed to table to next meeting.

Rob asked for idea on a possible “lost and found” bin for the pool area. Rob also wants to put homeowners on “notice” that any items left will be thrown away.

Rob asked Rick for status of entrance gate. Rick advised it’s working properly but may have to upgrade eventually.

Tracy wants to plan “End of the Summer/Beginning of School Party” for early August. Social committee will plan.

Richard updated board on financial statement. And advised that he and Rick were update our spreadsheet to show more detailed information.

Meeting ended 8:48pm