January 8th, 2020 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting

Wednesday January 8th, 2020

7pm @ Clubhouse


In attendance: Richard Thompson, Stephanie Brown, Rick Munch, Damien Manning, Alberta Gauthier, Rob Ray (7:22).

Absent: Tracy DiBendetto, Doug Pourciau


Taking notes: Stephanie Brown


Start time: 7:03pm


  1. Stephanie went over previous unfinished task from last meeting.
  2. Richard went over financial statement. Advised that one unpaid homeowner inquired about paying debt. Second unpaid homeowner we still have not been able to make contact with.
  3. Rick advised that renter on Mill Wood will be purchasing home soon and will be doing some upgrades.
  4. Richard advised that dumpster fee is going up $25/month immediately.
  5. Richard went over annual meeting letter. Meeting set for Tuesday March 24th at 7pm. Letters will be printed for next meeting so that we can split to deliver.
  6. Damian advised new resident on Sugarmill has built a structure behind home without HOA approval and is not up to subdivision covenants/restrictions. Rick advised that they work with homeowner for possible solution. Rick and Damian will set up meeting with homeowner regarding issue



7:22 Rob arrived



  1. Alberta advised that she has purchased supplies for Mardi Gras wreath and is working on them.
  2. Alberta advised that it may be a good idea to print out covenants/restrictions and give to homeowners as many don’t seem to have them. Rick advised he could print them. Rob advised that we pass out at the same time we pass out annual meeting letters.
  3. Alberta advised that Garden club is holding off on violations and garden of the month until March/April
  4. Rick/Alberta discussed RCI contract with board and we will be changing landscaping maintenance companies. Board will get quotes and will be voted on once they are received.
  5. Alberta suggested that we try small lights at entrances to help light up. Rick will look into possibility.
  6. Rob asked if we thought it would be a good idea to have the Sheriff attend our annual meeting and discuss some of the issues with speeding. Stephanie will contact Sheriff’s Office.
  7. Rick advised that letter needs to be sent to homeowners of unpaid dues from the HOA attorney. Richard advised he’d like to wait 2 weeks in case homeowner mentioned above pays. Richard will contact attorney to have letter(s) written and sent. Stephanie raised motion to approve, Richard 2nd. All in attendance approved.
  8. Rick advised that mailbox damaged by AP bus driver is fixed.
  9. Rick will type letter to RCI and send to board for approval then send to RCI.
  10. Rick advised that the quote to fix the fountain in the pond is $1,475. Rick raised motion to approve, Stephanie 2nd, all in attendance approved.
  11. Rick is having the same contractor fixing the fountain to give us quote to fix light at HWY 74 entrance. Board voted to have contractor put up new meter on that side (walgreens side) instead of pulling wiring from under the ground from opposite entrance. Rick advised this would make things easier for future repairs, make lighting easier and make setting up cameras in future easier.
  12. Rick advised that there in a leak in the irrigation system on the walgreens side of the Hwy 74 entrance. Rick advised that RCI will look into issue. Rick advised that he would like to cap diagnosis at $500. Richard motioned to approve, Rick 2nd, all in attendance approved.
  13. Rick advised there is an issue with camera system and he’s working to get it corrected. Possible solution is a UPS (uninterrupted power supply). Board agreed to purchase UPS (approx. $150) if issue can’t be fixed
  14. Rob proposed to have our attorney send letter to homeowner on Old Millstone regarding numerous parking violations, future fines and tows. Board approved for HOA attorney to send letter.


8:51pm meeting ended.