February, 12, 2020 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting

Wednesday February 12th, 2020

7pm @ Clubhouse


In attendance: Richard Thompson, Stephanie Brown, Rick Munch, Damian Manning, Alberta Gauthier, Doug Pourciau, Tracy DiBendetto (7:08), Rob Ray (7:13)

Observing: Pat Thompson


Taking notes: Stephanie Brown


Start time: 7:02pm


  1. Stephanie went over previous board meeting minutes from January.
  2. Rick inquired about calling waste pro to see if trash could be emptied “as needed” during pool closed months. Richard will call to inquire.

Tracey arrived 7:08

  1. Damian advised homeowner on Sugarmill has fixed issues regarding structure in back of home.

Rob arrived 7:13

  1. Damian advised same homeowner mentioned above wants to install a flag pole in front his home near the garage. Board discussed options to allow homeowner to install including but not limited to: what is pole height, American flag only to be flown, flag to be flown regularly, if homeowner sells home he must take down flag pole. Damian will discuss all with homeowner and advise board once that is done.
  2. Rick confirmed that RCI contract was terminated and they acknowledged.
  3. Rick advised fountain in pond is fixed.
  4. Rick advised that Energy requirements to install new meter at HWY 74 entrance for light would cost over $3,000. Rick advised it would be better to do what originally planned and feed wire underground. Board agreed to go with original, more affordable option. Rick advised property on side of subdivision at hwy 74 entrance (nearest interstate) which is not owned by Old Mill will have to be accessed. Rick advised he spoke with that property owner and he was concerned about possible ruts in yard. Rick advised that he let him know that if his yard is torn up we will repair damage.
  5. Rick advised all cameras are working properly and monitor has been installed in hallway of clubhouse (monitor donated by Rick).
  6. Richard advised HOA attorney did send out letters to the homeowner with unpaid dues and to the homeowner with parking violations.
  7. Stephanie went over final contract from KGB. Final has error which Stephanie will get with KGB to correct and re-send.
  8. Stephanie presented quote from Pro Pool for replacing sand in pool filters. Rick motioned to hold off on work until next year as sand was just replaced in 2016. Board agreed.
  9. Stephanie brought up motion to raise pool age from 15 to 18 and to raise age to supervise minors from 18 to 21 due to multiple issues last pool season (cursing, rough play, pda, etc). Rick advised he’d like to table until next meeting. Rob suggested that we maybe send out letters regarding issues and remind homeowners of rules, consequences, etc. Tracy advised she thought age should remain. Board agreed to table until next meeting.
  10. Rick advised that they have met with 3 new landscaping companies for quotes to maintain flower beds. Rick will bring quotes to next meeting once he has received them all.
  11. Rick advised that he discovered “man made” bridge over ditch that boarders Rivergate made with 2X4’s and stones. Rick advised that small group needs to get together to remove.
  12. Rob advised of May 4th activities brought to him by homeowner. Board will discuss at next meeting.
  13. Rob motioned to approve that board keep and maintain 8 positions. Prior to Pond Lot committee board had a max of 7 members. Once pond lot committee formed the board elected to add a position for a Pond Chair. With bulkhead issues now complete and resolved; future Pond Chair may not be necessary. Rob motioned to approve 8 permanent board positions (regardless if pond committee stays or diffuses). Tracey 2nd motioned; all approved.



8:38 meeting ended.