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  2. 2023 Annual Meeting Minutes — April 1, 2023
  3. March 23 Old Mill HOA Board Meeting Minutes — March 26, 2023
  4. Feb 23 Old Mill HOA Board Meeting Minutes — March 26, 2023
  5. Jan 23 Old Mill HOA Board Meeting Minutes — March 26, 2023

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April 2024 Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Meeting Agenda 4/8/24 Attendance Scott Padgett, Alberta Gautier, Rick Munch, Heather Lukse, Amy Turner, Treasurer nominee Amber Chambless Scott called meeting to order 6:23pm, seconded by Alberta Review of Minutes from previous meeting Review of minutes from March – No significant updates Treasurer Report Scott nominated Amber Chambless for Treasurer. Motion for … Continue reading »

2023 Annual Meeting Minutes

601pm – Scott called the meeting to order Board Attendees – Rick Munch, Alberta Gautier, Heather Lukse, Josette Williams-Castell, Scott Padgett, Rob Ray A question was raised about a form that was suggested the board should be sending out, a CIFT 620 Income and Franchise tax form. No one present knew what that was, but … Continue reading »

March 23 Old Mill HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Scott Padgett, Heather Lukse, Alberta Gautier, Rick Munch, Josette Williams-Castell 6:18 – Scott called to order. Mrs. Alberta seconded Treasurer – Proposed budget from previous meeting was modified. Final adjustments will be made before given to the neighborhood at the neighborhood annual meeting. Scott moved to have final adjustments made before the next board … Continue reading »

Feb 23 Old Mill HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees – Scott Padgett, Heather Lukse, Alberta Gautier, Derrick Guillory, Rick Munch, Rob Ray 636 Scott called meeting to order. Heather seconded. Review of minutes from previous meeting – Minutes were approved.Scott motioned to approve minutes – Heather seconded. President – Lawn maintenance quote has gone up from previous budget by $3000. Current pool maintenance … Continue reading »

Jan 23 Old Mill HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees – Scott Padgett, Heather Lukse, Alberta Gautier, Derrick Guillory 630 – Derrick called meeting to order. Scott seconded President – Donna is resigning as HOA treasurer as of 1/10/23. The board thanks her for her service. Derrick nominated Rick Munch to the board. Heather seconded. The board voted 4-0 of members present to approve … Continue reading »

Note to neighbors about Board Meeting Minutes

Hello all! Friendly neighborhood HOA Secretary here. I wanted to inform you all that I am still working on the format for the minutes posted on the website. Transferring them from how the notes are on my laptop to the website does not carry all the formatting the way it looks on my laptop, so … Continue reading »

Old Mill HOA Board Minutes December 2022

Derrick Motioned to Adjourn 7:52. Scott Seconded. Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about av hire london, read on to learn more about it.

Old Mill HOA Board Minutes October 2022

Meeting called to order 645Derrick Seconded September Meeting Minutes reviewed and approvedScott Padgett motioned to accept, Derrick Guillory Seconded. Finance – Balances were reviewed. No significant updates as far as transactions. Certified letters were sent out for homes with delinquent dues. Some monies have been received already.Donna Motioned to Approve, Scott Padgett Seconded. President – … Continue reading »

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting Minutes September 2022

(Secretary Note – Due to previous formats being unavailable from loss of email accounts, a “raw” format was used for these notes. Access to previous notes have since been re-acquired, so future notes will look as old notes have with Old Mill letter head, accurate timestamps, etc.) Old Mill HOA Board Meeting 9/13/22 Meeting called … Continue reading »

June 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

 Old Mill HOA Executive Meeting June 17, 2022, 6:30pm Present: Derrick Guillory, Scott Padgett, Allison Mitchell, Heather Lukse, Donna Sanders Absent: Chris Chalmers and Rob Ray The meeting was called to order at 6:41pm by Heather Lukse (Scott to ensure that the followup actions are reviewed for next meeting). Approval of the minutesScott Padgett presented … Continue reading »

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