August 8, 2018 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Board Meeting

Wednesday August 8, 2018

7pm @ Clubhouse



In attendance: Rob Ray, Rick Munch, Richard Thompson, Cory DiBenedetto, Kenny Brown, Doug Pourciau

Absent: Tracy DiBendetto, Jessica Benson

Observing: Pat Thompson, Stephanie Brown (Stephanie taking minutes)



Start time for meeting: 7:07pm


Rob addressed those in attendance and handed out Agenda.


Ms. Pat Thompson asked for update on Landscaping of entrances. Per Rick and Cory they met with 2nd contractor to get a quote. Contractor was suppose to email Cory quote however has not. Cory stated he tried to text and call for quote but did not get an answer. Rob asked for clarification of who will get with 2nd contractor. Cory sent all info for contractor to Rick at that time. Rick will contact 2nd contractor for quote. Rob will post update on facebook regarding landscaping progress.

Rob asked Cory if he got quote for fogged window in clubhouse. Cory states yes $125 to clean and $225 to replace. Cory will set up time/day to handle with window company.

Cory advised there was a misunderstanding regarding the parking lot re-asphalt quote. Entire parking lot is not $5,000. $5,000 is to re-asphalt “L” near entrance to parking where it’s been previously patched. This area will be completely re-done (not just overlay). Rick advised it does need to be completely redone as we have a 12 ton garbage truck that passes every week. Rick also asked about any contingencies. Cory advised that there was no mention of any from contractor. Rick advised board to be aware that once asphalt is pulled up there may be underlying issues not currently known to board or contractor. Kenny motioned to approve $5,000 to re-asphalt above mentioned which was second by Rick. All members present voted in favor (Kenny, Rick, Doug, Rob, Richard, Cory).

Richard gave update on budget/expenses. Richard gave update on unpaid Homeowner HOA Dues. Homeowner on Mill Wood is making payments. Homeowner on Cotton Mill has not made a payment and there’s no estimate on when payment will be made. Homeowner(s) on Old Mill; one is paid in full, second home for sale and will collect dues at closing per Realtor.

Rob asked Rick about benches for playground area. Rob advised Rick to get a bench that is comfortable. Rick will look into benches.

Rob asked Kenny for info regarding stabilizing Weir as current method is not stopping erosion around Weir. Per Kenny KGB quoted price of $125/foot TOTAL (includes backfill/sod). KGB quote is for $2,500 to install bulkhead around Weir (10 feet on both sides). Kenny motioned to approve which was seconded by Rob. All in attendance approved (Kenny, Rob, Rick, Doug, Richard, Cory).

Rob asked for opinions on Facebook posting. Rob advised that it the amount of post for selling things could possibly get out of hand (lunches, school fundraising, etc). Rob suggested that we keep Facebook posting to specific issues, events, news, etc specific to the neighborhood. All attendance agreed with Rob (Rick, Richard, Doug, Cory, Kenny). Stephanie Brown took note of change and will ask board for approvals of any post in question.

Rob asked for update regarding home on Mill House with paint color issue. Rick advised that he just received new colors/samples and they have been approved of this day (Wednesday August 8th).

Rob reminded board that the Architectural Committee consist of 3 members. Rick is the chairman. Cory and Kenny on Committee.

Rob asked Kenny about pool cover cost. Kenny advised that cost and installation of new pool cover is $7,342. Rick advised that new pool cover will save money. During off season pool maintenance company will not have to come near as often, we could turn one pump off, etc. Rob asked for possible fountain update. Kenny advised that per company that gave quote on cover, most pool fountains are installed at time pool is built. For us it may not make much difference in temperature because pool is only 5 foot deep. Rick gave possible options of building water type filtration system which may help a couple degrees. More discussion on this topic to come. Kenny motioned to approve new pool cover/installation which was seconded by Rick. All in attendance approved (Kenny, Rick, Rob, Cory, Doug, Richard).

Cory exited meeting at 8:01pm.

Rick advised that he received an email from a resident regarding use of clubhouse for Girl Scout Troop(at reduced cost or no cost). Rick advised that resident’s daughter is in the Troop and they are having a hard time finding somewhere to hold meetings. Rick did advise that we normally don’t normally do that but he would get with the hoa board. Rick advised he didn’t want to set precedence to the neighborhood. Rob suggested that if we allow maybe the troop can use their service hours to “pay us back”; weed flower beds at workday, etc. Rob is ok with it as long as it’s a weekday only. Rob motioned to approve which was seconded by Rick. All in attendance approved (Rob, Rick, Kenny, Doug, Richard).

Rick advised that graffiti was left on one of the tables in the clubhouse. Rick asked to possibly install camera in that area of clubhouse as we also now have a TV for use. Rob is ok with that. All in attendance approved (Rick, Rob, Kenny, Doug, Richard).

Rick would like to one day install electronic message board at exits. Rob advised Rick to look into and get pricing.


Meeting ended approx. 8:20pm