August 12, 2020 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

August Old Mill HOA Executive Meeting

August 12, 2020, 7:00pm

Present: Rick Munch, Stephanie Brown, Alberta Gauthier, Richard Thompson, Damian Manning, Rob Ray, Kristin Stair

Absent: Allison Mitchell

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Rick Munch, Old Mill HOA Vice-President.

Approval of July Minutes/Old Business
Kristin Stair reviewed the minutes of the last meeting that was held on July 8th

Richard made one edit to the minutes to change the treasurers report from “the check from RCI has been cashed” to “the check from RCI has been deposited”

Rich Munch moved to accept the minutes as edited
Stephanie Brown seconded the motion
With to objections, the motion to accept the minutes was approved


Old Business
Several action items from the previous meeting were discussed to check for completion status

Work day
The work day for fencing and spraying will need to be rescheduled. Rob Ray is willing to take on the responsibility of serving as the workday chair to help improve communication and make sure the work days go as planned.

Tables and pool furniture
Rick Munch has put holes in several of the tables and installed the other three umbrellas. There are now a total of 7 tables with umbrellas. Two additional picnic tables can now be placed under the gazebo. Rick is willing to build two more tables this fall for that area.


The clock for the pool area has been purchased and installed.

Fountains have been cleaned and are now fully operational.


Contractor signs
Contractor signs continue to be an issue and it was discussed that it may be something we are unable to follow-up with at this time since the company’s signs are temporary only while they are working.


Fencing around the pool
The President of Rivergate Subdivision spoke with Rick Munch and notified him that the subdivision has put down a deposit on a fencing contract. Weather has prevented it from being done, but it will be done soon. There will put a gate in with a padlock for the parish to access it if needed.


Parking Lot
There were no updates from Clean Sweep about the parking lot.  It was discussed that the board would like him to come back to see the striping and the cracks before the warranty is up. Stephanie Brown will contact him and she anticipates that work will be done this fall.


President Report, Rob Ray
No report


Vice-President Report, Rick Munch
The fountains have been repaired and are functional

Security Cameras
The TV monitor for the security cameras in the club house hallway has gone out. Rick Munch looked up the cost of a new TV and saw several brands for around $130.

Rick Munch moved to approve the purchase of a new TV for the club house for up to $130 not including tax.
Stephanie Brown seconded the motion.
With no objections, the motion passed

Treasurer’s Report

Richard Thompson sent the monthly financial report to all of the officers via email for their review. There is $1,375 in checking and $116,000 in savings. Four homeowners have still not paid their dues. Richard will send final letters to those who haven’t paid notifying them that legal action will be taken as a next step.

Other HOA expenses are similar to normal monthly expenses and water is down from last year.

Pool maintenance is higher due to pool contamination clean-up.

Rick Munch moved to accept the Treasurer’s report
Damian Manning seconded the motion
With no objections, the motion passed


Architectural Committee Report
Damien Manning had the first architectural committee on the 5th. They reviewed some of the issue the architectural committee deals with and how to make collecting that information easier.

During the architectural committee meeting, it was decided that reviews of the neighborhood should be done quarterly instead of every month.

The board discussed concerns about waiting too long to contact residents who are in violation.

After discussion, it was decided that Pat Thompson, Alberta Gauthier and Stephanie Brown would still give out notices of violations each month and then the architectural committee would review each quarter. Stephanie discussed that she and Alberta could still send letters like normal and then those can be reviewed quarterly by the committee if no action is taken by the homeowners.

It was asked what postage costs for this mailing letters each month. It was discussed that it only costs about $25 to mail but that sticking them on the door might be easier.

After further discussion, it was decided that the new format could consist of:
First warning – Letter left to the door
Second warning – Letter is mailed to the homeowner
Then the following month it will be followed up by visits from the architectural committee members.

This will be approved and discussed at the next architectural committee meeting.

Additional volunteers may be interested in serving on the committee as well.

Rob Ray discussed the need for some type of fine system for repeated violations. It was asked what fines look like in other neighborhoods and there was discussion that there was a fine procedure in place when the Old Mill HOA was started, but has not been enforced in at least the past 11 years.

It was discussed that this is something that we are interested in pursuing for future violations.

Rob mentioned that there have been complaints about a specific house that was having work done. Damien reviewed the approval request from that property that was submitted in 2019. It will be looked at more closely at the next architectural committee meeting


Rick Munch moved that the architectural committee report be approved.
The motion was seconded by Kristin Stair
With no objections, the motion passed

New Business

Weed control
Rick Munch contacted the Parish about weed control. They said that they did receive the report but that due to COVID and work restrictions, it has not been yet been completed. Rick went out to observe the area around the back ditch prior to the meeting and it appeared that the lawn company may have already taken care of it.

Eventually the parish will come in and clean up both of the ditches.

Neighborhood Interest Survey

Kristin Stair will be working on a survey for the neighborhood to gauge interest in future social media posts and guest speakers

Some suggestions were made by the board of potential speakers or resource people that could be reached out to:

  • Refinancing homes
  • A/C maintenance
  • Assessing and improving home values
  • Yard fertilizing and maintenance
  • CPR /First Aid classes
  • Having a Photographer come to family photos at the club house


Crappie Signs for the Pond
Kristin Stair asked if signs to help residents identify crappie were something the board was  interested in. She will check in with some companies to see how much it will cost to get signs created by fall when fishing will pick up again.


Pool Cooler
Rob Ray researched a pool cooler from Sabine pools and received an introductory quote of
$12,889.58 for a 120,000 gallon chiller.

Rick Munch mentioned that we have a 95,000 gallon pool and our current chiller can cool up to 450 gallons per hour, and that the flow rate on our pumps works at 280 gallons per minute (140 gallons per pump) or 17,000 gallons per hour. We would need 4 of them to adequately chill the pool with the addition of generators.

Rick recommended that we get an engineer to come look at the pool to see what is needed to actually cool the pool.

Stephanie Brown asked about having Sabine pools come out to advise us on the pool. Rick suggested that we have an independent contractor come out and look at the set-up to offer advise to prevent bad advice from a pool company that may be interested in increasing sales.

It was also discussed that the triangle tarps might be useful to help keep the sun off the pool and reduce the temperature. This will be looked at more closely over the next few months

Basketball Goal
The basketball goal that was purchased for the pool needs to be moved to the other end of the pool since small children play near the steps.

It was also discussed that the cost of the goal was higher than intended, to counter the price of the basketball goal, Stephanie Brown moved to not buy the tennis table that was passed at the June meeting.
Kristin Stair Seconded
With no objections, the motion passed


Rick Munch moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:32pm
Damian seconded the motion
With no objections, the motion passed.