2020 Annual HOA Meeting Minutes

Old Mill HOA Annual Meeting
June 16, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 6:59pm.

Presentation by the APSO
The meeting began with a guest presentation by the Ascension Parish Sheriffs Office. Captain Boudreaux and Lieutenant Dean joined us to discuss concerns with the residents and answer questions.

Captain Boudreaux shared crime statistics for the past year for our subdivision. Old Mill experienced approximately 11 incidents in the past year including two burglaries of unlocked vehicles, one instance of lost or stolen property, and one charge of trespassing.

He also shared a report from the radar/traffic observation study that was conducted April 20th – 27th. The average speed that was clocked by the study was 15.5 mph with the maximum observed speed of 38 mph. It was brought up that several residents notified the board that bicycles appeared to be clocked as well and that the average speed may be lower because of that.

Parking was also discussed. Captain Boudreaux reminded residents that when they are having gatherings to please have cars park on the right side of the road. They should not be parking on both sides of the road across from each other. Fire trucks and emergency vehicles must be able to get through. Cars that do not do this may be asked to move or be towed in the event of an emergency.

Rick mentioned that according to HOA covenant you cannot park on the road overnight. If police are called, they will ticket if violating state law.

They also discussed golf carts in the neighborhood. While state law forbids motorized vehicles on roadways, this is an area that the Parish typically allows. Adults with valid driver licenses area allowed to operate golf carts in subdivisions in which they own property. However, it is illegal for children to drive golf carts or other electric vehicles on roads. If officers are called out, the child will be returned to their home and given a warning. The second time there will be a citation. It was also mentioned that multiple violations could result in impoundment of golf carts. Several residents discussed their concerns for allowing children to drive on the roads and the concerns of children not following safety laws and a child getting hurt.

Solicitations were discussed as a common concern for subdivision residents. Despite the fact that the HOA covenant does not allow solicitations, companies that are licensed can go door to door. If the company is not licensed, then the police can be called and they can be cited. Any solicitor should leave your property when asked to do so.

Business signs in yards were also addressed. Signs placed in yards or along roads is not enforced by the Sheriff’s office. It was brought up that signs in the yards do violate the HOA covenant.

If a resident has any concerns about any of the issues brought up or anything else, they should contact the Sheriff’s office at 621-8300 or call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Rob Ray notified residents that they are looking into having the office back for the junior deputy program once quarantine restrictions are lifted.


At 7:31pm, Rob Ray began the annual meeting business.

He introduced the officers and what they have been working on for the community.

Treasurer’s Report
Richard Thompson presented the budget report for the year. He commented on a few abnormalities, including the water costs being higher than normal due to increased irrigation with the new plants that were installed as well as a broken water meter.

Under contingencies, he mentioned some of the costs included in the budget which involved repairing a broken water line, reconstruction and weir improvements and the embankment around repairs.

In other expenditures, the HOA purchased a pressure washer for residents to rent by the day, as well as replacement of the willow tree that was damaged during a storm.

Rob Ray moved to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented, the motion was seconded and passed by unanimous consent.

Pond Report
Kristin Stair reported on the status of pond improvements. She met with a representative from LSU AgCenter who took a look at the pond and its condition. Overall the pond is in good shape. Crappie in the pond should be being removed, signs will be made to help residents ID them. There will also be a Christmas tree recycling program announced during the holidays for unflocked and unpainted natural trees to be donated to the HOA and submerged into the pond with cinder blocks to provide shade and habitat. Kristin asked that residents not throw sticks or yard waste into the pond since it will not sink but will block up drainage, however if you have a large tree that gets destroyed during a storm, the let the HOA know and we may be able to sink it.

Rick Munch reminded the community that our road drains drain into the pond so they should not be throwing garbage or waste down the drains. Kristin also reminded the community to be mindful of chemicals used in their homes and yards and follow label directions to help prevent those chemicals from being washed into the pond.

Architectural Committee
Damian Manning encouraged residents to complete the architectural form whenever they make improvements or changes to the structure of their homes. This information is useful to not only have a record of which company completed the construction project and which paint colors were used, but also allows the subdivision to maintain standards for the community.

He encouraged individuals to help out by serving on the board and being active in the HOA.

Rob Ray reported that the architectural committee is looking for members to serve. This committee approves all of the work around the community and will meet the first Tuesday of every month to review requests. Requests that need additional approval can then be sent to the board if needed.

Rick Munch mentioned that the architectural request form has been updated to include two statements that ensure that the residents has informed to construction companies that signs are not allowed in the yards and that work trucks and dumpsters are not allowed to park on the street overnight.

A Resident expressed the concern that the homeowners would be held responsible if the company did not accept these demands. Rob confirmed that if the homeowner will notify the companies, the HOA can help to talk with the companies that are not following the rules.

Social Committee
Allison Mitchell reviewed a few items that have been discussed for social events and notified that group that food trucks would still be coming on occasion and that events are being planned.

A Resident offered to let the HOA borrow a screen and projector to allow for two screens to be used for nights when movies are shown at the pool.

Rob Ray also notified the group that a table tennis set has been purchased for the pool area. Residents will need to bring their own paddles and balls.

Decorations and Gardening
Rob Ray introduced Alberta Gauthier who is in charge of decorating entrances to the subdivision and also works with the gardening committee. He thanked her for her work. Alberta thanked Pat Thompson who helps out significantly with the wreaths and other decorations.

Rob also reminded the group that Alberta was responsible for reorganizing the yard of the month projects.

Clubhouse Report
Rick Munch reported on many of the projects that the HOA completed this past year:
– Bulkheads
– Pond pump repair
– Light repair on Hwy 74 entrance
– Repairs to the sprinkler system
– Weir and bulkhead maintenance
– Pool covering system improvement
– walkway built to the pond and had rails
– privacy fence by playground
– security monitor system for club house (10 cameras and screens)
– new handrail for pool
– repair of underwater pool lights
– Clubhouse AC repair
– Clubhouse fogged window repair
– Shelving added to club house storage
– Repair to slides and monkey bars on playground equipment
– New electrical receptacles on the entrances

The HOA is also looking at lighting on bulkhead and a tree planting ceremony for children in the neighborhood.

Rob Ray also discussed adding a gate from the pool to the pond and grills that can be used by residents in that area. He also discussed the need to look at adding a set of doors to the clubhouse that would allow for bathroom access for the playgrounds.

Rob thanked the homeowners for all of their help with neighborhood projects and their assistance with volunteer days. The most recent volunteer day at the pool drew a large number of volunteers which greatly improves the workload as well as the neighborhood. The board greatly appreciates the help and support.

Officer Nominations
Rob Ray opened nominations for officers. He specified that all officers would be willing to return. No nominations came from the floor.

Rick moved to close nominations, the motion was seconded and the motion passed by unanimous consent.

A Resident asked who is responsible for the roads and curbs. They were concerned about cracks and loose gravel. It was clarified that the Parish is responsible for the roads with a few exceptions. The HOA encouraged residents to contact the Parish and notified them that they would also follow-up with the Parish.

A Resident mentioned that at her previous subdivision, a garbage company was willing to give the residents a discount if the majority of the residents went with that company. Rob said he would look into it.

A Resident asked about who was responsible for servitudes between fences. The resident is experiencing flooding. It was confirmed that the parish is responsible for flooding issues and can help with drainage questions. It was also clarified that residents are responsible for maintaining weeds between fences.

The meeting adjourned at 8:47pm.